• Can you tell me how to download World Cup songs?

    Can you tell me how to download World Cup songs?

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    My husband is a big fan of World Cup! And he loves World Cup theme songs crazily! His birthday is coming soon. I want to give him a special present – burn a World Cup songs CD so that he can put it in his car for enjoyment. But I don’t know how to download these songs. Can you give me some suggestions of World Cup song download? Much appreciated.

    Can you tell me how to download World Cup songs?
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    FIFA World Cup (Federation Internationale de Football Association World Cup) was held every four years. This year is the 20th FIFA World Cup, which began on June 12 and ended on July 13 in Brazil. Many people, especially men are enthusiastic about it. World Cup Theme Song is created mainly to warm up the atmosphere of the competition and memorize the championship every time. To recall those excited moments in your mind, this post will focus on demonstrating how to download World Cup songs without hassle.

    Online Solution to Download World Cup Song

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a remarkable one that I want to share with for for the friendly interface and easiness. Without ads, virus and installation, it can record any sounds from system and microphone free of charge. The process of World Cup Songs free download comprises several steps described as follows:

    Step 1: Go to the website of this audio recorder and then click “Start Recording”.
    Step 2: Activate the Java applet when it requires, then the application will be loaded.
    Step 3: Click “Tools” – “Option”, then configure some settings at your will. Choose output audio format, audio input sources and set some hotkeys as well. Hit on “OK” to confirm these settings.
    Step 4: Stream the World Cup music online and then click “Record” to start.
    Step 5: End the recording process by pressing “Stop”. Then you get the recorded World Cup songs.

    To clarify these songs clearly, it is available for you to edit the information of each song with the tool of “ID3 Tag Editor”, which is under the “Tools” menu. You can input the detailed information including title, artist, year, album and genre.

    Best Program for World Cup Song Download

    Streaming Audio Recorder is the advanced desktop version of that online application introduced above. Equipped with various useful functions like Audio Recorder, MP3 Downloader, CD Burner, Audio Converter, etc. Not only can you get the World Cup Theme songs, but also you can burn the CD within it. As it is a desktop program, you should download and run it on your computer firstly. Then look at the two options for you to do the trick.

    Option one: Audio Recorder

    Recording audio is the basic function of this program, which is also workable to download World Cup songs. The operation of this function is almost the same with that online application. Just three clicks: “On” to begin, “Pause” to suspend and “Off” to end. Compared with that online application, it is more powerful because it has featured a brilliant “ID3 Tag Identifier”, which is able to recognize the recording music information automatically. In that case, you have no need to edit them anymore.

    After that, you can make use of the “CD Burner” function to add these recorded songs to CD. At first, put a blank CD into the disc driver of your PC. Then click “Tools” menu and choose “CD Burner”, select music files and click “Add” to append the file to the CD. On the operating interface, it is possible for you to organize the sequence of music tracks’ order by hitting “Move up” or “Move down”. The last thing is to press “Start” and your songs will be burned to CD disc in the manner of several mins.

    Option two: MP3 Downloader

    Downloading MP3 is another great function, which allows you download as many songs as you want in high quality. Here I take an example of 2014 World Cup song download. Please read on the detailed instructions below:

    • Enter the keywords of 2014 World Cup song – “We Are One (Ole Ola)” to the blank box on the top, then click “Search”. It will list out all the correlative results.
    • You can play it online for checking the quality before you hit the download arrow at the back of the song. After downloading, the song will be saved in “Download” – “Completed” tab.
    • The operation of burning to CD is easier, just right click on the downloaded song and choose “Burn to CD”. And then you can work it out according to the information mentioned before.

    These two solutions are both simple and convenient for World Cup songs download. However, I suggest you use the desktop program since that it can help you download World Cup music and meanwhile add them to CD. Hope you can make a special CD for your husband smoothly!

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