• How to download video from blog

    How to download video from blog

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    I like gourmet food very much and always enjoy cooking delicious food for my family. Today I found a tutorial cooking video from Facebook. I want to download the video to make the dish according to its instruction but I don’t know whether it is permitted because it’s a private account. Can anyone tell me how to download video from blog, if even the host doesn’t allow me to do that? Also, I want the downloader commonly applicable as sometimes I need to download videos from other blogs like Myspace or Tumblr.

    How to download video from blog
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    Hi, Mia, thanks for your question and sorry for late reply!

    Blog like Facebook is really a fashion platform for people sharing their daily life. It’s also a good place to share everyone’s hobbies including cooking. And it’s natural that many people want to keep the contents like videos that attract them. Regarding to these needs, there are many technical solutions that you can use to download video from blog. Here will give a conclusion of the following three methods which save you away from the worries of privacy.

    Method one: Apowersoft Free Online Video Downloader

    If you want to quick download the videos from FB directly, you can go to this online tool. It has won a good reputation due to its advantages of no charging, no requirements of registering, downloading or installing any adware. The application is highly customer-oriented that you can save the video into various kinds of formats such as AVI, MKV, MP4, MP3 and many others, so you can choose a correct format to match the blog download video with your player. The process is also very simple that you can proceed according to the following.

    • Navigate to the website directly.
    • Copy and paste the video URL into the downloading area.
    • Click on the “Download” button.
    • Enable Java if you see any pop-up windows asking for Java permission.
    • Select a preferred format after it lists a menu of formats for option.
    • Right-click on the file to save it in a target folder.

    Method two: Video Download Capture

    If you want a superior blog video downloader, you can refer to this software. This downloader is suitable to solve your second question that it can download videos from various kinds of blog such as Myspace, Tumblr and Twitter. It is such a tool specialized in downloading area that you can use it to download videos from other kinds of video-sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vube, Vimeo and many others also. Thus, you can find and collect more gourmet videos from more sites. However, there is a little difference when you download video from different blogs. The next will give you separate operation guides and you can download and install the software first.

    1. Download video from FB

    When you want to download video from blog like Facebook, the process is applicable to other popular video-sharing websites like YouTube. And it is simple that you can go according to the next step by step guide.

    • Open the program after installation.
    • Enter the blog video link into the download bar and click “Add to Download”.
    • Select a target format when it pops up a list of available formats.
    • Click “OK” and then it starts to download.

    2. Download from Myspace

    In order to download from this blog you should apply to an advanced detector. You can have a further look from the following.

    • Open the software and the auto-detector is activated by default. Don’t disable it.
    • Click “Advanced Video detector” and it will pop up a window.
    • Enter the video URL into the download bar and then click “Go”.
    • The built-in browser will display the interface and broadcast the video automatically.
    • Soon, the detector captures and downloads the video.

    3. Download video from Tumblr

    Tumblr is different from the above two blogs because the website doesn’t display the video URL straightly. You should take care that the video link is not same as the URL showed in browser. Then how to get the video URL? No worries, the blog allows users to get source link address by right clicking on the video. You’ll see “Get Video URL” and choose it. Then copy and paste it into the bar of blog video downloader. After you click “Add to Download” button, it pops up a window asking for formats selection. Just choose a preferred format and then it starts to download.

    Tips: You can use the program to convert video to other formats like MP4, MP3, MKV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, SWF and many others. The available formats are compatible with different players like Iphone, Android, Sony and nearly all kinds of mobile players.

    Method three: Video Download Capture for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, you can refer to this tool as it is compatible with Mac operating system. It connects with the browser like Safari or others installed on your computer seamlessly that it runs flawlessly at an accelerated speed. You can download and install it first to have a try.

    The process is similar that you should copy video URL first and then click on the button of “Paste URL”. After this step, the program captures and downloads the video instantly.

    How to download video from blog
    William James
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