• Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory

    Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory

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    The Big Bang Theory just suddenly gets a huge following around me, I have heard so many people discuss it, what does it talking about? And I wonder where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory episodes? Oh, speaking of downloading episodes, is there a way to do that?

    Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory

    Premiered in 2007 on CBS, the Big Bang Theory is an overwhelming American situational comedy. Until now, it has a renewal of 7 seasons with 149 episodes in total. Owing to the fascinating story and the excellent performance of its leading characters, it successfully becomes a big hit around the world and wins lots of awards every year since 2008. It talks about the daily life of a fashionable hot young lady and four science geniuses.The geekiness of the four scientists is contrasted for comic effect with the common sense of the lady (Penny).

    There are diverse websites hosting resources of the series. Therefore it’s also hard for the fans to choose the best site to get what they want. Here I can recommend 3 popular websites to watch and download the Big Bang Theory.


    CBS refers to the Columbia Broadcast System, which is the second largest broadcaster headquartered in New York City. CBS has affiliates outside the US, including Canada, Guam, United Kingdom, Australia, and Hong Kong, etc. They are licensed with several CBS-branded channels. Since the Big Bang Theory is first premiered on CBS, which possess short clips and recently aired full episodes of the series with high quality, CBS is undoubtedly the preferred choice to watch it.


    CTV is a broadcasting television network in Canadian English, and also the largest privately owned network based in Canada. Its network programms mainly cover popular American series, say Desperate Housewives, Unforgettable, the X factor, and the Big Bang Theory and so on. The Big Bang Theory debuted on CTV since 2007. So HD videos of recent episodes and pictures are also available to watch on CTV.com.


    Belonged to CBS Interactive, TV.com concentrates on televisions and shows made or transmitted in English spoken countries. It hosts full episodes of the Big Bang Theory. By watching the series on TV.com, you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

    Such sites are my favorites for watching TV episodes and just like the friends around me. And I have been asked how to download the Big Bang Theory episodes for many times, but I have no idea.

    Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory

    Am I the only one crazy about Sheldon Cooper? He is so cute. I’ve watched every episode of season 6 for many times, and it makes me burst out in laughter every time I watch. I really want to save all new episodes in season 7 to my PC for offline playback, cause it is really troublesome to watch it online every time when I want. Anybody have workable way?

    Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory
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    It seems that how to download the Big Bang Theory episodes from the internet need a quick and effective answer since so many people asked. Generally, people use different browsers and website watching the series on web, therefore their ways of downloading streaming videos differ. Here I would take CBS.com as example to show you the feasible method to perform downloading.

    It is tricky to download videos from CBS, for all resources of CBS are protected from downloading. Thus you need an efficient downloader like Video Download Capture, which is compatible with all browsers.

    How to download the Big Bang Theory from CBS.com with Video Download Capture

    Video download capture is a program specially designed for video downloading, it can download streaming videos from most of the popular websites with varied formats and great speed. With an Advanced Video Detector, it supports many multimedia transferring protocols, covering HTTP, FTP, RTMP and many others. So it can not only download videos from video sharing websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo, but also other protected sites like Hulu, ABC, CBS, etc.

    Concerning the Big Bang Theory download, you need to follow the steps below:

    • Launch Video Download Capture after installation completes.
    • Search the series on CBS.com, and play the episode you want to download then copy the URL of it.

    • Hit the “Advanced Video Detector” at the lower left corner of the main interface, the Quick Start Guide would pop up.

    • Paste the URL at the downloading area and press “go”, the program would auto detect the video and the download would finish within several minutes.
    • The downloaded episodes could be found by clicking “open folder” at the lower right corner.
    • You can add more episodes to the download queue by repeating step 2 to 5.

    By following the steps above, you can download the Big Bang Theory free successfully. And here are some other tips on the utilization of Video Download Capture:

    1. You can convert it to MP4 format by the built-in video converter to transfer them to your portable devices after downloading.

    2. Choose “add to iTunes” at the header’s tool column to directly transfer the file to iTunes.

    3. You can also edit video by cropping, trimming, or subtitling it.

    Where to watch or download the Big Bang Theory

    I prefer sidereel.com, which has every BBT episode that you need. If you are the biggest fan of Big Bang Theory, this site will offer great video sources and let you enjoy episodes for free.

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      • JeanMdeesque : Thank you very much!! I've spend too much time looking for the Big Bang Theory, but I didn't know where I can get them without spending a single dime. So happy I got this site! Thanks again! :)
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