• Help me download ign video please!

    Help me download ign video please!

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    As a faithful game enthusiast, I spend most of my leisure time lingering in ign because it brings me lots of currently hot video games. Frankly speaking, I am really in want of the games on ign.com at present.Could you please tell me how to download it? Thanks a million.

    Help me download ign video please!
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    Hello Sarah, it is my honor to help you. Please make reference to the following content.

    Short for “Imagine Games Network”, IGN is an entertainment website which concentrates on video games, films, music and other media. As the leading website for video game on the net, ign.com brings enthusiasts hot video games and entertainment in the world. It is a site that offers previews, trailers and expert reviews on the latest movies and video games. Each month 1 in 4 US men online visit ign which shows how attractive it is. There is no denying that game player is becoming an integral part of people’s daily life. It brings fun and enjoyment when you’re bored. But recently, it is said that ign has concealed the download button on the mediaplayer. Users could not download the video any more without subcription to IGN. For assisting people who are eager for viewing ign video, here I will direct you simple ways to tell you how to download videos from ign.com.

    Method One: View Page Source

    Like what the title indicates, this method is based on the video page. It is a common sense that most video clips have their corresponding links, therefore the cardinal task is to find out the correlated URL of a video. Follow the steps below to fetch the URL.

    • Right click on the page which is playing the video and select “view page source”
    • Press “ctrl” button and “F” button and then a new search bar will appear on the right corner of a new page.
    • Type in “mp4” in the search bar, press return button and you’ll see several phrases which contain highlighted MP4.
    • Go to find the link ended with mp4, copy the link and paste it into a new tab.
    • Hit “Enter” button and the video will be played on the page, then right click on this page and choose “save as…”

    Note: You have to note that this method is not always workable since it only works for the videos being uploaded in mp4 format. Apart from this, the URLof the video may also be hidden by the author or IGN’s staff. In such a case, this method won’t work any longer.

    Here is a step-by-step video tutorial.

    Method Two: Download with Video Download Capture

    You guys must have realized that most web-based applications could not come into effect when it comes to ign videos, even though they are available on Youtube videos, Dailymotion videos or more. It is because those videos from ign.com are authenticated, which are not able to be identified by ordinary web-based downloaders. For the purpose to save the ign video to your PC, you have to resort to a downloader which comes with advanced video detector. Video Download Capture is a highly suggested one at this point. As a best ign video downloader, Video Download Capture could detect and grab the video played automatically and add it to download. With supports to nearly all media protocols, this tool could help you download videos from all sites on the net.

    • Download and install the tool.
    • Launch it and go to the web page which represents the video you want to download.
    • The video could be detected and add to download automatically.

    Tips: If you want to download videos manually, you can check for the below content.

    • Access the web page which represents the video you want to download.
    • Copy the link of the video, paste it into the URL box on the main interface and hit “Add to download”.
    • The video will be added to the download list.

    Method Three: based on a third-party recorder

    The last means introduced here is to use a recorder to download from ign. But frankly speaking, there is no better way than a video recorder if you’d like to download real-time video or encrypted video without the URL. If you are free and patient enough, it deserves a try. This method maintains the best 1:1 video quality, too.

    • Download and install the tool.
    • Choose “Record Screen” on the main interface and hit “Start”.
    • Customize the video area you want to record and hit “Ok”.
    • The video within the area will be recorded to your PC without any loss of quality.

    Considering that parts of people who prefer to view ign videos offline on some portable devices, Video Download Capture provides a solution to the trouble too. Based on the video you’ve downloaded on your PC via Video Download Capture, you need to right click on the fully downloaded video and pick “Add to convert” option. Then go to “Profile”, choose the format for the video and hit “Start”.


    The point that I want to highlight is that the most reliable method is to use an ign video downloader like Video Download Capture which integrates downloading, recording and conversion in one program. Furthermore, if you need lots of videos, you can run multiple downloads at the same time. Additionally, you won’t be troubled with the internet connection disturbing your internet-surfing while you are downloading multiple videos because the program permits users to set the download speed.

    Help me download ign video please!
    ryan cooper
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