• Do you know how to download free audiobook?

    Do you know how to download free audiobook?

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    My wife passed a few years ago. I am a single man living alone for these years. In my leisure time, I like to listen to audiobook online. But I am wondering how to download an audiobook for offline playback. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

    Do you know how to download free audiobook?
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    Audiobook is a reading of complete text, which is more vivid and living than book in words. With so many audiobook sites online, it is effortless for you to find your interested audiobooks in arts, entertainment, history, science, etc. Many people would like to listen to them for different purposes like acquiring knowledge, inspiring ideas or even spending your leisure time. However, most of the free audiobooks don’t allow you to download directly. In order to do this job, here provides you two hassle-free solutions below.

    Effective Method to Download Free Audiobooks Online

    No ads, no registration, no installation, no payment, Apowersoft Free Online Audio recorder is a great online application that can help you record audiobook efficiently. You can rest assured that it will record audio without quality loss. To know more, please follow the detailed instructions on how to download an audiobook.

    • Go to the website of this audio recorder, then click “Start Recording”.
    • Run the Java when a pop up window reminds you.
    • After loading the application, you could configure some correlative settings at your will.
    • Surf on the net and select your favorite audiobook to record.
    • Click “Record” and play the audiobook online, it will start timing and you can see the rhythms moving on the interface.
    • Hit on “Stop” to save it on your computer. Click “Open Folder” and enjoy the recorded audiobook offline.

    This online audio recorder supports many audio formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC and WAV, which offers you many choices according to your need. It is also possible for you to edit the recorded audio information like title, artist, year, etc.

    Watch the tutorial video below and learn more.

    Advanced Method to Download Free Audiobook

    Streaming Audio Recorder is the upgraded version of the former online application, which is more comprehensive and powerful. It contains all functions available in the free version and goes advanced by providing multiple functions such as audio converter, music downloader, etc. It is possible for you to achieve your different purposes. The operation of downloading audiobooks is similar to the online way that mentioned above. The only difference is that you should download and install the program before recording. Then just click “On”, “Pause” and “Off” to control the process handily. After that, you can get the recorded audiobook and enjoy it offline.

    This desktop program is more superb than the former online application in the following aspects:

    1. Running in a more stable and safer service environment, this program is more reliable for you to download free audiobook.
    2. The built-in player makes it more convenient for listening to audiobook directly.
    3. That free online application only let you record audio not more than 3 minutes, yet you can record as long as possible within this program.
    4. If you want to record music, this program has a fantastic feature that it can identify the music information automatically.

    Objectively speaking, these two methods are all workable for downloading free audiobook online. Online way provides you a quick workaround without payment required, yet desktop program serves more practical functions that satisfy your different purposes. You can choose suitable software according to your need. Hope my answer would help!

    Recommendable Audiobook Sites

    1. Open Culture

    This site offers you hundreds of free audiobooks, which are divided into specific collections like 550 Free Audio Books, 600 Free Audio Books for iPad, etc. Better still, it is available for you to get some free online courses, movies, eBooks and free language lessons as well.

    2. Book Should Be Free

    As its name implied, audiobooks on this site are all for free to enjoy online. Featuring with a clear catalogue, it is easy for you to find your desire audiobook. You can also listen to other non-English speaking language audiobooks on this site such as French, Chinese, German, etc.

    3. LearnOutLoud

    Classified in different kinds of categories, this site provides you with more than ten thousand educational and inspirational audiobooks for listening online. But not all of the audiobooks charge for free, some of them are paid sources.

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