• Any handy way to download embedded audio?

    Any handy way to download embedded audio?

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    I have found a nice song that embedded on a webpage and I like it very much, but I don’t know how to download it so that I can listen to it offline on computer. Any suggestion?

    Any handy way to download embedded audio?
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    The embedded audio refers to those audio files that can only play on webpage not in an external application. Frequently, we may wish to download these audio that we come across. Unfortunately, these audio files do not provide you an option to download it directly.

    Under such circumstance, you won’t be able to save these embedded audio on computer for offline listening. However, there is no need to worry about that since the following three applications are available for you to download embedded audio.

    Free Way: Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is a totally free online application that enables you to record any audio from the computer system and microphone without any loss of quality. Even better, the audio that you are recording can be tagged with audio track information (title, artist, genre, and year) automatically. This is of great convenience for music collectors.

    To download embedded audio files by recording, just follow the steps below.

    • Go to the webpage of this free online audio recorder.
    • Click the “Start Recording” button, then a java applet window will pop up.
    • Just hit “Run” to give permission to run this recorder.
    • Before recording, you can change the settings in your preference way.
    • Hit on “Start” to begin your recording.
    • Press the “Stop” button when you want to finish it.

    Easy Method: Download Embedded (Firefox add-on)

    Download Embedded is a Firefox extension that can effectively help you to grab movies, MP3s, flash animations or other embedded files on webpage. It’s only compatible with the 1.5 – 2.0 version of Firefox.By using this add-on, you don’t need to install additional programs to your computer. It’s pretty easy to use. So those who are captivated by their simplicity can go ahead using them to download embedded flash audio.

    • Open Firefox and click “Add-Ons” in the “Tools” menu.
    • Click the “Get More Extensions” link at the bottom right of the add-ons screen.
    • Search and download the Download Embedded add-on.
    • Restart Firefox and go to the webpage where your embedded audio locates.
    • Click on the red arrow at the bottom of your Firefox web browser.
    • Choose “View Embedded Items” or “Download all embedded items”.
    • After clicking “Download all embedded items”, you can choose where to save it on your hard drive.

    Effective Solution: Internet Download Manager

    Internet Download Manager is a desktop program for downloading various files from the Internet including documents, music, movies and other files. It supports various browsers which covering Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, Netscape navigator etc.

    One of the striking features of IDM is when you are playing any video or audio on the web, an additional download option is shown on the screen. Thus, you can directly click it download embedded mp3. However, it is annoying that whenever you open the webpage that contains video or audio, there comes a pop-up window asking whether to download it or not.

    Any handy way to download embedded audio?

    Sounds embedded on webpage seem great. I wanna embed my favorite song to my blog, but I don’t know how to do that, please help!

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      • Chole : For those who want to embed background song to your web page for sharing the music you like with others or creating a certain ambiance of your website, then you can follow the steps below to embed audio to your webpage.

        • Select the audio file you want to play on your webpage and upload it to your webserver.
        • Insert the following code to your website: <embed src="filename.ext" width="x" height="x" autoplay="x" hidden="x" loop="x" volume="x"></embed>
        • Replace the "filename.ext" with the name of your uploaded audio file.
        • Specify a custom width and height for the controls.
        • Add "true" after loop if you want to play the audio in a continuous loop. Or enter "false" if you don't want it to automatically playback.
        • Enter in "false" after the hidden if you want to have your controls displayed on webpage. Otherwise, enter in "true".

        Note: Sound embedded into your website can be set to play automatically as the page loads, to do that you just need to insert the following HTML code:

        <embed src="mywebpageaudio.mp3" autoplay="true" hidden="x" loop="x" volume="x"></embed>
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    Any handy way to download embedded audio?

    How do I save audio files after recording them? Thank you.

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      • Alice Wang :

        Hi, John! After recording, the recordings can be saved directly into the output folder. You can hit the icon to open output directory and check the recorded videos there.

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    Any handy way to download embedded audio?

    I am a teacher

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