• How to download Brightcove video

    How to download Brightcove video

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    I am preparing a presentation to analyze our industry’s current status. I find some other videos from Brightcover. The video showcases the status very vividly. And I want to add the video to my PowerPoint, as it can present my point more directly. However, I googled many ways but all failed. Can anyone tell me how to download Brightcove video?

    How to download Brightcove video
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    It is a good option to choose Brightcove as a video sharing platform. With that service, you can watch video across desktops, mobile and any connected devices. Established in 2004, Brightcove was found for two reasons, one is to keep the audiences away from traditional TV while the other to monetize from video for vast of business entrepreneurs. The organization has gained a stable group of customers and cultivated millions of audiences. So, more and more people want to know how to download video from brightcove.

    However, there are different circumstances when you prepare to do it. As the problem is not present clearly, here will give all the possible solutions, which sums up to three methods you can use.

    Method One: Apowersoft Free Online Video Downloader
    If the video you want to download is from the official website which doesn’t require registration, the problem will be got easy. You can use this free online tool to download it with some steps:

    • Go to the website
    • Enter the video URL in the “Download” area
    • Click “Download”
    • Enable Java if you are required permission
    • Soon it displays a list of formats to save in
    • Select a preferred format, right-click on the video file to save it in your PC

    As this type of video has not been encoded yet, it is instant to solve your problem by using this application. It is total free and supports to download various source video and save the videos in different formats such as MP4, FLV, WMV, etc. With this tool, Brightcove video download will no more be a hindrance to you again.

    Method Two: Officially Released Solution

    If you want to download video from Brightcove Video Studio, which is an integrated service to manage the videos only for premium members, then you can try another method. The official website has released a formal method allowing users to download videos from the software. And you can try according to the following step-by-step guides.

    • Open the VideoCloud, choose under Media module
    • Find the toolbar and click “Edit”
    • Choose the tab of “Video Files” and select an decoded video
    • Right click on the link of “Copy Link”
    • Copy the video URL in a browser. You can save it by right click on the video, choose “save video as” to keep it in a folder

    Although this method is officially posted, yet it cannot be universally applied. Because most of the videos are encrypted to protect the premium user’s privacy, it is impossible to download the video from Brightcove. Moreover, many customers upload the video to this website for commercial intention; they do not want their ad video to be leaked for other utilization. Under that condition, you can choose the following method to download Brightcove video.

    Method Three: Video Download Capture

    If both of the two abovementioned methods failed to download, you can turn to record the screen. As you know, Brightcove charges from its premium members, most of the videos are encrypted when uploaded. It is impossible to find any tool which can decode, capture and then download the file. However, there’s another alternative method you can employ – record the screen. Rather than to find a Brightcove video downloader uselessly, it’s really a good choice to record the screen directly. It is a universally applicable method that any encrypted video will not stop you keeping it again. The process is very simple and to experience the tool, you can download and install the software first:

    • Run the software
    • Review the entire function tab and choose “Record Screen”
    • Customize the record screen by selecting Record region, record with or without audio and furthermore, you can also record audio only
    • Click on “Start”
    • Drag the cursor to personalize record region and click “OK”
    • Then it starts to record and you can press hot keys to stop

    How to download Brightcove video


    How to download Brightcove video

    That was brilliant. Simple answers and easy to follow step by step guide. Wish all companies work like this.

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