• Do you know any other apps like RadioSure?

    Do you know any other apps like RadioSure?

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    My friend has recommended RadioSure to me, and I find it a great streaming radio player after using for a while. But recently I meet a problem – some radio connections are dropped or even won’t connect at all. In that case, I can’t get the radio I want to listen. So, do you know any other RadioSure alternatives?

    Do you know any other apps like RadioSure?
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    When it comes to listening and recording radio files on the laptop, one of the most popular software that comes to mind is RadioSure. Some people may barely hear about this software, so here comes the RadioSure review:

    RadioSure is one of the best radio streaming apps that takes you to the world of music. It is featured with a simple interface and a traditional media player’s layout on the bottom. With it, you can browse through a huge variety of stations, sorting by language, country, genre and title from around the globe. In addition, it also allows you to add new stations and even record your favorite programs.

    Even though RadioSure has lots of outstanding features, it still has some problems such as the question you mentioned above. Apart from it, since there is no search function, it is difficult for you to find a satisfied radio station to listen to among the masses of stations. Therefore, I will introduce some RadioSure alternative apps for your reference.

    Alternatives to RadioSure for Windows

    The best alternatives to RadioSure

    If you want to find a comprehensive program that beyond a radio player, providing you with multiple functions including listening to the radio, recording audio, downloading music, converting video to MP3, etc, then Streaming Audio Recorder is the best choice. It’s so easy to use that even the beginners can take control of it shortly. Follow the instructions to see how to use it:

    Step 1: Download and install the app, then run it on your PC.
    Step 2: Select the “Play” column and a variety of radio stations will show up.
    Step 3: Choose the station you want to listen to and click it.
    Step 4: You can play, record, share the radio or add to “My favorite” according to your need.

    The procedures are quite easy, aren’t they? It is indeed a fantastic software that can be recorded the radio in high quality. According to your need, you can choose to record radio into lots of formats such as MP3, AAC, WAV, WMA and others.

    Other RadioSure alternative software

    1. Nexus Radio

    With thousands of internet radio stations, Nexus Radio is a free desktop application whose selection of broadcasters is sorted by musical style, station name, bitrate and format. This program allows you to search for the music according to the name of song or artist. And also you can record it to your hard drive, which brings convenience to play it anytime or export it to a portable device when needed.

    Despite these advantages, there are still existing some shortcomings such as you should create an account to use this app, which troubles you to fill in many personal information.

    2. Online Radio Tuner

    With a simple interface, Online Radio Tuner is one of the nicest RadioSure alternative apps for you to listen to online radio. This software is a small, discreet program which you can keep track of stations from your desktop.

    However, compared to the former app, this software has drawback that sometimes you can only choose from limited number of stations, which makes you have fewer choices.

    Apps like RadioSure for Mac

    Some of the RadioSure’s users have complained that it has not developed a desktop version for Mac. So next I will introduce some apps works well on Mac for you to consider.

    1. iTunes

    Many people think iTunes as a music downloader app rather than a radio player. But iTunes indeed has the ability to provide you with plenty of radio stations. Just click the “Radio” tab on your library, and then you can access bunch of categories, while the radio station is among them.

    Nevertheless, you will find out that there is no way to mark a station as “favorites”, which will cause the difficulties in finding the same station next time. Also there is another limitation that you can’t record the radio while you are listening to it.

    2. Snowtape

    Snowtape is one of the most recommended apps which I want to suggest to you. Unlike iTunes, it has equipped with many useful functions including listening radio, recording radio, editing audios and exporting them to iTunes. Even much better, you can add new radio stations into it via URLs. However, the only drawback of this program is that the operation is a little complicated than iTunes.

    The RadioSure alternative apps mentioned above are just some of them. There are still many other apps you can use as a radio player for you to stream radio online. Now with these nice programs, you can choose a desirable one as you want. Hope my suggestions could help.

    Do you know any other apps like RadioSure?

    Screamer Radio is what i have used for years. Simple and can record by hitting button and will only record the playing track. Now trying RadioSure and it is basically the same and also very nice to use. I like both and am just having a change.

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