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    Default font

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    Nowhere in ApowerPDF do I see an option to change the default font used when editing PDF’s. Moreso, you cannot use any hotkeys for accessing fonts (i.e. “T” to travel to Times New Roman). When editing it really adds a lot of time having to change the font each and every time you add a text block, and having to scroll to said font each and every time.

    Surely, as font standardization is easily accommodated in all other programs I have ever encountered, there must also be a way to do so in ApowerPDF – though I do not know how, and all tutorials I can find are just dealing with very basic program use.

    Default font
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    Sorry for that, hotkeys for accessing fonts is not available right now. But you could select the text and change its fonts by clicking the fonts on the right side bar.

    Default font
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    A default font would be really helpful.

    I also think, the hotkey-problem info meant was, that you can not just type “T” in the mentioned side bar to go to the fonts starting with “t”.

    Also there does not seem to be an option to embed other fonts you used, which results in saved PDFs to resort to other fonts which mess up the whole design.

    In my case I’d like to edit a PDF which is written primarily with an embedded MyriadPro which does not include

    umlaut, which I have to replace with my MyriadPro which does. After saving other programs show this as Arial.

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      • Cholaco :

        Hi, thank you for your feedback, we will improve this in the future about fonts.

      • 2019-12-09 04:48 Reply
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