• Good tool to create Picture in Picture (PIP) video

    Good tool to create Picture in Picture (PIP) video

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    Hello, everyone, I need to make an instructional video for my class while I am out in the near future. And I hope the video can be displyed along with my own gesture in the right corner to show my narrating action. I’ve seen videos like this in YouTube, but I have no idea of how to make this kind of video. What program should I use? Any suggestions will be appreciate. Thanks in advance. :D

    Good tool to create Picture in Picture (PIP) video
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    Hi, Cindy. This kind of video is called Picture in Picture (PIP) video that often displays in the form of one smaller video (usually a Web camera recording) in a background video. Nowadays, Picture in Picture videos are frequently used to present two different scenes taking place at the same time. Millions of people tend to create picture in picture video while playing games, explaining texts, even promoting products and so on, trying to convey much more information to their viewers in the simplest way.

    As you mentioned that you want to show yourself in a video and demonstrate at the appropriate time, well, it is very easy to achieve if you choose the right tool. As for as I know, you have two solutions: one is that you can choose to make a video of yourself first and then insert this video into the background video. The other is that you are capable of recording yourself and video at the same time. Which one do you prefer to? OK, I’ll show you the details below.

    How to create Picture in Picture video – add Picture in Picture effect into a video

    Solution 1: Screen Recorder + Editor

    Picture in Picture video refers to a video that is put one small video clip over a backgound one, so we need to prepare two videos at first. You can choose one screen recorder to make the video you plan to present for your students, also, you need a webcam recorder to record yourself. Then, a video eidor which allows you to add Picture in Picture effect can help you to create side by side video.

    Apowersoft Video Editor includes an easy to use Picture-in-Picture feature. This moment, all you need to do is import two videos to the program, just drag videos to the PIP track. You will get a raw side by side video.

    Solution 2: Apowersoft Screen Recorder

    Apowersoft screen recorder is a professional screen recording software that allows you to make side by side video simply in one click. It’s not only a screen recorder but a webcam recorder and a basic editor too. Now I will show you the step-by-step procedures exactly on how to make such videos.

    • When you lauch Apowersoft Screen Recorder, you need select “Region” under the “Record” drop-down menu to record your target video.
    • Click camera icon to add a camera recording. It will appears Picture in Picture effect immediately. Note that your camera can work perfectly.

    The PIP appears in the lower right corner of the main video, and you are able to resize the small video and drag it to the desired location. This time, you have the ability to draw your screen and highlight some important parts with callouts like circles, rectangles, arrows, lines etc.

    Hope it can help you. Feel free to ask me if you have any other problems.

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