• How to convert Youku video to MP3?

    How to convert Youku video to MP3?

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    I am an overseas Chinese from QingDao. I have been resident abroad for years. Sometimes I like to watch Chinese programs on Youku. But it is cumbersome to stream the videos online for the slow loading speed and poor quality of screen. So I want to extract MP3 audio from Youku videos for playback. Can you suggest a great Youku to MP3 converter to me? Many thanks.

    How to convert Youku video to MP3?
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    Youku is one of the largest video sharing sites in China which corresponds to YouTube in other countries. Tons of thousands videos which clarified in different fields like Entertainment, TV Show, Carton, News, etc are available on this site for streaming. However, with a long time of buffering and poor connections, many people are longing for extracting MP3 from Youku video for offline enjoyment. In that case, here I will introduce some feasible tools for consideration.

    Free Ways to Convert Youku to MP3 Online

    1. Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder

    Served with as many as 19 languages including English, French, Dutch, etc, this online application is the most effective tool for recording Youku to MP3 for these remarkable features as follow: Firstly, there is no ads and virus on its interface which makes this site more reliable and safer. Secondly, it charges no payment for utilizing that appeals to many people to use it. Thirdly, supporting a rich variety of audio output formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC and OGG, you can select according to your need. Now let’s learn how to convert Youku to MP3 with this recording software.

    • Go to the web of this online audio recorder, and then click “Start Recording”.
    • Run the Java applet when a window pops up to remind you.
    • When the operating comes out, you should configure some correlative settings as you like.
    • Stream on Youku and search a video that you want to save offline.
    • Click “Record” and play the video to start recording.
    • Hit on “Stop” to finish the recording process. You have got the MP3 file completely.

    2. Youku Converter

    Specially designed as a Youku to MP3 converter, this online application is fabricated to only work with Youku.com. It performs well in converting Youku video in any of your desired output audio formats like MP3, AAC, WMA, AVI, MKV, etc. The operation of converting is very simple, you just need to copy the URL of Youku video and paste it to the convert box. Then configure setting – “Output Format” at your will. Last thing is to hit the “Convert” button, and the conversion will be finished in a few seconds.

    Though this tool is simple and convenient to utilize, it exists some imperfections. Sometimes you can’t extract MP3 file from Youku video successfully cause the problem of video encryption or national restrictions.

    Advanced Way to Convert Youku Video to MP3

    Those two methods mentioned above are both web-based applications for converting YouKU to MP3 online. If you want to look for a more powerful and comprehensive software, I would like to highly recommend this program to you – Streaming Audio Recorder. Compared with those online tools, this program is more stable and reliable to operate. You can follow the instructions below and learn how to convert Youku to MP3.

    Step 1: Run the software after downloading and installation by double clicking its shortcut.
    Step 2: Navigate to the “Download” column and choose “Video to MP3” on the left side.
    Step 3: Stream on Youku and select a video for converting as MP3 format.
    Step 4: Copy the link address of Youku video and back to the program, then paste it to the convert box.
    Step 5: Configure some basic settings and press “Add to Download”, you’ll get the MP3 file in a second.

    To be frank, this desktop software works wonder for its multiple additional functions like recording audio, downloading MP3, burning CDs, etc, which can achieve your various goals without hassles. And those two online applications perform friendly for converting videos of Youku to MP3. All these tools discussed above are feasible to do this task without effort. No matter which program that you choose to use as a Youku to MP3 converter, you can get the MP3 files successfully with great ease.

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