• How to Control PowerPoint from ApowerMirror
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    How to Control PowerPoint from ApowerMirror

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    The latest version of ApowerMirror allows you to control PowerPoint from Android and iPhone.

    1. First, you need to download the latest version of ApowerMirror on your phone.

    2. Launch ApowerMirror both on your computer and phone. Meanwhile, you need to make sure to connect them to the same WiFi network.

    3. On your phone, tap the “M” blue button at the bottom to search for your PC. Then select your computer from the available devices whose initial name is “Apowersoft”.ApowerMirror PPT

    4. After that, add the PowerPoint remote control function by tapping the Tool Management icon at the upper right corner.


    5. Once done, open PowerPoint on your computer then tap PowerPoint remote control on your phone. From this interface, tap the blue round button to start controlling the PowerPoint running on your computer.

    control PPT

    How to Control PowerPoint from ApowerMirror
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    help me! 

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      • Sunny Alex :

        Dear User,

        Please kindly specify the issue you are having with the program in details so that we can help you to solve it. Thank you!

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