• Choose Screen??
    Ashton Durkhun
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    Choose Screen??

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    I must be missing something. I’ve looked all over the site and the app (and even through the config files) but I cannot find an option to choose which of my screens to mirror (I have my primary view sonic monitor and my secondary Dell monitor) instead the app smooshes both onto the phone screen at once, making it extremely difficult to view either one… can you tell me where the option is to choose which screen gets mirrored?

    Thank you.

    Choose Screen??
    Ada Reed
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    I’m sorry. For now, there is no such setting for ApowerMirror. I have submitted your suggestion to our technical department. They will decide whether this function is feasible or not. 

    You can also try this way to see if the issue can be fixed:

    1. On your PC, go to “Display settings”

    2. Go to “Extend these displays”

    3. Choose 1 or 2.

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