• The Changelog of Apowersoft Phone Manager
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    The Changelog of Apowersoft Phone Manager

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    August 27th, 2014 – Apowersoft Co., Ltd, announced the release of Apowersoft Phone Manager, a signature software to synchronize your Android or iOS devices with PC to manage, transfer, restore, backup, and copy mobile data. In the future release, we are still making efforts to renew and improve the software to fit the users’ need. Let’s check the most recent update version below:


    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.8.5 released (05/03/2017)

    • Optimizes the functions to backup and restore.
    • Fixes the problem when starting Android Recorder and iOS Recorder.
    • Some other optimizations and fixes.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.8.4 released (03/30/2017)

    • Fixes the problem that books in PDF format don’t show completely.
    • Optimizes the importing of media files.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.4.8 released (08/06/2015)

    • Fixed the inability to read SMS on part of Android phones
    • Support importing .aac, .ac3, .flac, .m4a, .mp2, .mp3, .wav, .wma formats into iOS ringtone
    • Other fixes and improvements

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.4.0 released (05/27/2015)

    • Added pictures classification function for Android
    • Added editing contact photo function
    • Added books classification function
    • Added sort function for music, notes, messages, application and books
    • Support managing notes and bookmarks
    • Support WiFi connection for iOS devices
    • Support importing m4r ringtones for iOS devices
    • Optimized interface

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.1.7 released (01/29/2015)

    • Added embedded Photo Viewer
    • Added thumbnail for videos imported
    • Automatically rotate pictures upright when check picture or set it as wallpaper
    • Fixed the problem: camera video can’t be deleted
    • Added flashlight function for Phone Manager App
    • Added changelog for Phone Manager App

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.1.0 released (01/11/2015)

    For iOS:

    • Support importing .mov, .m4p video and .m4a, .wma audio
    • Support the display of video thumbnail for iOS 6/7/8
    • Support viewing recently deleted pictures or videos for iOS 8 and later

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 2.0.5 released (01/05/2015)

    • Optimized the speed of importing and exporting large files
    • Fixed the bug: failed to delete camera roll photos and videos for iOS
    • Added feedback function
    • Fixed the bug: failed to set ringtone when connect via WiFi
    • Some other bugs fixed

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 1.1.2 released (Build 10/09/2014)New

    About program:

    • Enhanced the function of importing photos for iPhone 6
    • Added iOS 8 Messages prompt
    • Some other bugs fixed

    About the interface:

    • Optimized: Contacts interface won’t display contacts without phone number
    • Some minor issues fixed

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 1.1.1 released (Build 09/30/2014)

    • Added Notes function
    • Fixed the problem: the process of importing Android images crashes
    • Fixed the bug: phone picture displays wrong way while the device with frame rotating in full screen
    • Fixed the bug: Pictures interface in French can’t be switched
    • Optimized right-click menu operations after selecting multiple pictures

    Apowersoft Phone Manager 1.1.0 released (09/27/2014)

    About program:

    • Enhanced the function of reading iOS 8 contacts

    • Optimized photo screenshot for iOS
    • Modified screenshot display for iPad
    • Support selecting multiple songs or videos by pressing the Ctrl key

    About interface:

    • Optimized performance of Pictures and Contacts interface display

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.9 released (09/23/2014)

    About program:

    • Fixed the problem: connection lost while connecting
    • Optimized photo screenshots
    • Support taking screenshot and importing photos for iOS 8 devices
    • Support exporting ePub files
    • Fixed the problem: photo error of taking screenshot with frame when display in full screen

    About interface:

    • Support selecting multiple photos via ctrl-click and checking/unchecking an image
    • Fixed the bug: image classifications disappear after refreshing
    • Enhanced the functions of importing and deleting photos for iOS devices
    • Fixed the problem: column ratio displays wrong on homepage, for music/video/photo, etc.
    • Fixed the bug: image classifications display wrong for iOS
    • Added 10 languages for Feedback

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.8 released (09/16/2014)

    • Optimized photo display of Android phones
    • Improved the functions of Contacts
    • Fixed some other bugs

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.6 released (09/11/2014)

    • Fixed the bug: Contact name doesn’t display for iPhone messages
    • Fixed the bug: The name can’t be saved when adding new contact
    • Fixed the bugs of some interface displays
    • Optimized the display of iOS photos, added the display of photo stream and photo gallery
    • Improved the definition of iOS 7.1.2 thumbnail

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.4 released (09/04/2014)

    • Enhanced function to manage mobile contacts on both Android or Apple devices

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.3 released (09/01/2014)

    • Fixed minor bugs and improved performance
    • Enhanced the function that displays clear app logo thumbnail
    • Fixed the inability to connect via WiFi network

    Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.2 released (08/29/2014)

    • Fixed the bug: Incorrect setting for the ringtone
    • Fixed the bug: Display the incomplete phone screen
    • Fix the bug that part of phones that cannot be connected

    Some of the major features in Apowersoft Phone Manager V 1.0.1

    • Transfer all the data between your phone and PC
    • Manage your apps, contacts, messages, music, videos, pictures, eBooks and other files between phone and PC
    • Backup all the mobile data on your PC
    • Restore the backup data to your Phone

    Please rest assured that the use of Apowersoft Phone Manager. This user-friendly software offers power, speed, and simplicity for millions of mobile users to manage all the data between your PC and devices.

    The Changelog of Apowersoft Phone Manager
    Martin Alvarez
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    Hello folks, can you kindly update this changelog? Do you have an estimated date for a future release coming? Thanks!

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