• Changelog of Streaming Video Recorder
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    Changelog of Streaming Video Recorder

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    According to the users’ feedback, Apowersoft keeps working hard to improve Streaming Video Recorder. In each new version, we fixed the bugs, added new functions and made optimizations to made this program perfect. Here shares a simple changelog of Streaming Video Recorder to our dear users. If you have further suggestions about our product, please post here.

    Streaming Video Recorder V 4.9.0 Released( 06/08/2014) New

    1. More than 90 video sites are newly supported to download such as ARTE, CBS, IMDB and many more.
    2. Fixed some bugs and stability improved.

    Streaming Video Recorder V 4.8.0 Released( 02/08/2014)

    1. Supported to download videos from more sites, such as Keek, c-span, Tinypic, cliphunter.com, Vube, liveleak.com.
    2. Fixed the inability to download videos from VEVO, CBS, Collegehumor, etc.
    3. The Video Download FAQ forum is added under “Help” tab.
    4. Fixed some bugs and stability improved.


    Streaming Video Recorder V 4.6.9 Released( 11/30/2013)

    1. Supported to retrieve title from original video and name the downloaded file automatically.

    2. Improved download function by letting download from more sites such as PBS and CNTV.
    3. Added Japanese help guide.
    4. Minor bugs fixed.

    Streaming Video Recorder V 4.6.8 Released( 11/19/2013)

    1. Fixed the problems on video conversion.
    2. Improved video downloads by enabling users to download Lynda courses in bulk.
    3. Optimized the inbuilt audio editor.

    4. Optimized the UI.

    Streaming Video Recorder V4.6.5 Released( 10/21/2013 )

    1. Optimized download function for users to download videos streamed through MMS and RTSP protocols.
    2. Supported downloading entire playlist on YouTube, VEVO, etc in a single click.

    3. Added “Add batch URLs” feature for users to add several URLs for downloading at a time.
    4. Improved the built-in “Audio Editor”.
    5. Fixed the bug that software sometimes failed to convert trimmed videos.
    6. Various bugs fixed.

    Streaming Video Recorder V4.2.0 Released( 11/21/2012 )

    1. Improved the recording quality.
    2. Provided much better support for windows 7 and windows 8.
    3. Offered the solution while presenting the error message “Failed to setup muxer error”.
    4. Fixed the bug: unable to download YouTube mp4 videos occasionally.

    Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.8 Released( 11/13/2012 )

    1. Added functionality of downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion in your preferred formats.

    2. Minor bugs fixed.

    Streaming Video Recorder V4.1.5 Released( 09/03/2012 )

    1. Support Windows 8 operating system.
    2. Added “HotKey” tab under “Options”, the improved shortcut keys and the boss key enable you control this program easier.

    3. Support to make audio settings in “Screen Recording” tab.
    4. Added the function of presetting the resolution when customize the recording region.
    5. Fixed various bugs.

    Changelog of Streaming Video Recorder

    what is new latest versions?

    Changelog of Streaming Video Recorder

    dosnt work… live stream from tv sites nothing is recorded

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