• The Changelog of ApowerREC
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    The Changelog of ApowerREC

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    In order to better satisfy customers’ needs, our technicists will collect the feedback from customers, then add functions and fix the bugs to improve our products. If you have any problems or suggestions, don’t be hesitate to leave a message below. Let us work together for the improvement of ApowerREC.



    Tips:You can check out this ApowerREC user guide for more detail on how to use this screen recorder.


    For Windows:

    ApowerREC V1.5.5.11 Released (12/30/2021)New

    1. Software Interface optimization

    ApowerREC V1.5.2.9 Released (11/24/2021)

    1. Some bugs fixed

    2. Russian and Malay language added

    ApowerREC V1.5.2.6 Released (11/19/2021)

    1. Optimize software performance

    2. Indonesian language added

    ApowerREC V1.5.1.15 Released (11/9/2021)

    1. Add features of custom intro and outro background

    2. Add extract audio feature

    3. Optimize software performance

    4. Bugs fixed

    ApowerREC V1.5.1.5 Released (10/22/2021)

    1. Optimize vide editor plug-in.

    2. Optimize video player feature.(Add shortkeys, playback speed)

    3. Add questionnaire entry

    ApowerREC V1.5.0.18 Released (9/29/2021)

    1. Interactive optimization

    2. Optimize user experience

    3. Add auto-stop feature while recording

    ApowerREC V1.5.0.12 Released (9/23/2021)

    1. Optimize video player window

    2. hide game recording mode

    3. Optimize watermark feature

    4. Other bugs fixed

    ApowerREC V1.5.0.6 Released (9/15/2021)

    VIP users can recover complete recording videos.

    ApowerREC V1.4.18.4 Released (9/6/2021)

    1. Add file list thumbnail

    2. Support renaming edited recorded videos, and files will be added on file list automatically.

    3. Bugs fixed

    ApowerREC V1.4.17.4 Released (8/19/2021)

    1.Update ApowerRec launcher interface

    2.recover feature of screenshot out of recording

    3.optimize files list

    ApowerREC V1.4.16.7 Released (7/26/2021)

    1.Korean and Arabic language added

    ApowerREC V1.4.11.20 Released (2/4/2021)

    1.Fix potential bug while recording

    ApowerREC V1.4.9.25 Released (1/8/2021)

    1. Optimize recording feature for win 7 users

    2. Limit multiple-terminals login simultaneously

    ApowerREC v1.4.9.23 Released (12/19/2020

    1. Optimize the mainboard menu.

    2. Add an online customer service entry at the top right corner of the mainboard.

    3. Add spotlight recording feature.

    4. Take off the screenshot feature from the mainboard. Under this version, the screenshot feature can only be used during the recording process.

    5. Add video compression feature.

    6. Optimize recording functionality.

    ApowerREC v1.3.2.9 Released (11/29/2018 )

    1.  Adds zoom & whiteboard function.

    2. Optimizes the launching speed of the program.

    3. Improves the program interface & fixes some bugs.


    The Changelog of ApowerREC
    Threads : 34
    Replies : 536

    For Mac:

    ApowerREC V1.3.7 Released (12/07/2020) New

    1. Optimize the mainboard menu.

    2. Optimize recording functionality.

    ApowerREC v1.2.5.0 Released (11/12/2018) 

    1. Adds Auto-stop feature.

    2. Adds the feature to split recording automatically.

    3. Adds the support for shortcut hotkeys.

    4. Optimizes the interface of Settings.

    5. Adds the feature to show recent regional recording history.

    6. Optimizes the interface of audio settings.

    7. Fixes some bugs in Task Scheduler function.

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