• Changelog of ApowerPDF

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    Changelog of ApowerPDF

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    Based on users’ feedbacks & suggestions and our regular test, our technicians will release new versions to fix bugs and make some improvements. Moreover, if you have any issues or suggestions in using our ApowerPDF, please feel free to leave your message below or directly submit feedback via the program.


    ApowerPDF V4.0.1 Released (01/08/2019) NEW

    1. Fixes the bugs that static form cannot be recognized, which leads users cannot fill in the form.

    2. Fixes crashes when editing.

    3. Fixes the problem that makes the content jumps while filling in the forms.

    4. Adds saving reading record feature, which can jump to the last edited/viewed position.

    5. Supports copy and paste the text.

    ApowerPDF V4.0.1 Released (01/08/2019) 

    1. Adds Forms feature.

    2. Fixes bugs and crashes. 

    ApowerPDF V3.3.1 Released (12/15/2018)

    1. Fixes crashes in editing.

    ApowerPDF V3.3.0 Released (11/22/2018)

    1. Adds Bookmark feature.

    2. Adds PDF Optimizer to reduce file size by optimizing fonts, images, objects, etc.

    ApowerPDF V3.2.2 Released (10/19/2018) 

    1. Fixes some bugs and crashes.

    ApowerPDF V3.2.0 Released (05/22/2018) 

    1. Fixes the bugs of not compatible with Adobe Reader.

    ApowerPDF V3.1.4 Released (08/17/2017) 

    1. Fixes the bug in printing PDF files.

    2. Fixes some minor bugs.

    ApowerPDF V3.0.9 Released (06/08/2017)

    1. Fixes the bug of failing to convert PDFs in Japanese.

    2. Fixes some language display issues.

    3. Adds support for 2-digit email address.

    4. Removes the option of removing evaluation mark in the drop-down menu of “Help”.

    5. Fixes some minor bugs.

    ApowerPDF V3.0.8 Released (05/27/2017)

    1. Adds the feature of combining multiple files into one PDF.

    2. Supports creating PDFs from various types of files.

    3. Fixes the occasional issue of failing to open PDF files by double clicking in Windows 10

    4. Adds the option of “Edit with ApowerPDF” and “Open with ApowerPDF” in the right-click menu of a PDF file

    5. Optimizes translation in the user interface.

    ApowerPDF V3.0.7 Released (05/08/2017) 

    1. Adds support for converting PDFs to JPG, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap and GIF.

    2. Adds Arabic interface language.

    3. Fixes some bugs.

    ApowerPDF V3.0 Released (02/23/2017) 

    1. Adds Simplified & Transitional Chinese and Japanese interface language.

    2. Fixes some bugs.

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