• Cannot stop recording
    Wayne Masters

    Cannot stop recording

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    After recording a program, cannot stop with the stop button, cannot get it to come up by using ctrl,alt, E

    Cannot stop recording
    Alice Wang
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    Hi, Weyne! Sorry for the late reply. Could you please send us product log file for checking out the issue? To do it, you can open the screen recorder, forward to “Feedback” and check “Send log file”. Next, write some details of the issue and click “Submit”. Once we receive your feedback, we will deal with it soon and send you feedback via email.

    Cannot stop recording
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    I just signed up for the unlimited package, and I am having the same problem. I have trouble getting the tray to return to the screen. Is there a way to make it permanently fixed in view?

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      • Alice Wang :

        Dear user, could you please specify what tray you are getting to return to the screen, is it the recording toolbar or other kind of situation? A screenshot showing the problem would help as we have two screen recording programs in the unlimited package, please point out which one you are using currently. Or you can contact support@apowersoft.com regarding this issue directly as well. Thank you for your support and understanding!

      • 2020-08-11 22:16 Reply
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