• cannot complete install.
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    cannot complete install.

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    I download and installed a one year VIP version.   I received an activation code as well as the  4 digit code.  I cannot get to the activation screen to activate my VIP.  Also when I viewed the video, I did not see the same screen.  In fact.  I got a “Connect your device.” Only 3 icons show at the top of my screen   It never connected to my phone.  I did download the app to my Galaxy 8 and it works.  I am very unhappy with the install video, the FAQ’s as well as the support screens.  I cannot find a way to logout. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, but the registry holds on to my information.   This precludes me form starting over which is what I would like to do but cannot do it.  Would you please help me?

    Joe Vontz,

    Order Number 100497880



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