• Can you tell me some good sites like flv2mp3?

    Can you tell me some good sites like flv2mp3?

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    I’m a regular user of FLV2MP3. This app is easy and efficient, but it only can convert the full length video to MP3. When I just need a certain part of audio, I have to download the MP3 and then edit it. I hope someone could recommend me some better tools.

    Can you tell me some good sites like flv2mp3?
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    FLV2MP3, a free app which supports to convert online flash videos to MP3 format. Many people use it to extract dialogue, background music, soundtrack or songs from YouTube. Thanks to its simple usage, you just need to input video URL to green conversion space, and hit “Convert to MP3” button to convert the video to MP3 audio. Then, the MP3 will be saved to your computer, and you can transfer it to your iPod, smart phone or other music players for enjoying conveniently. This tool is workable and quick indeed. However, some users said it is not powerful enough in FLV2MP3 review. For example, the tool only converts video to MP3 in one quality, and it cannot extract a certain part of audio in the video. Then, if you are searching for some sites which have advanced functions, just refer to the recommendations below.

    Popular FLV2MP3 Similar sites

    If you search “video to MP3 converter” in Google, thousands of results will show up. Here just picks two feasible and safe tools for you.

    Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

    This converter works same as FLV2MP3, but it has better functions indeed. Except convert YouTube to MP3, it also can convert videos from other streaming video sites to MP3. You can choose your desired quality to save the MP3, or save a part of the audio when needed. Let’s see how to use this FLV2MP3 alternative:

    • Copy the Video URL for converting to MP3.
    • Open Apowersoft free video to MP3 webpage, paste the URL into the designated area.
    • Click “Convert”, wait for several seconds of processing time.
    • Set MP3 as output format, select suitable bitrate, channels and sample rate in the dropdown list.
    • Tick “Trim audio” box, adjust start and end time.
    • Click “Download” icon, save MP3 to local disk.

    That’s the whole process, you can skip some steps if you don’t have advanced requirement.


    Dirpy is one of the best sites like FLV2MP3 and known as DVR which supports to convert YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud to MP3. Its operation and functions are similar to Apowersoft free video to MP3. The highlight is, the app endows you the ability to edit ID3 tag for converted audio. It will offer the music information automatically, and you can edit the information as you like. This function facilitates to manager and organize MP3 audio easily. One the other hand, some drawbacks are exists. Dirpy is not stable, and adverts pop up at times.

    Excellent FLV2MP3 Alternative Program

    To get a balance between stability and high-efficiency, just take advantage of Streaming Audio Recorder. This software enables you to convert flash video to MP3 in batch, identify MP3 ID3 tag automatically and edit audio with ease.

    Here’s how you can process batch conversion:

    1. Download Streaming Audio Recorder, install and launch it on your computer.

    2. Press “Download” tab and choose “Video to MP3” item from left panel.
    3. A window will show up. Enter video URL and choose output format and bitrate.
    4. Click “Add to Download” button to start video conversion.

    Note: You can repeat step three and step four to convert several videos to MP3s simultaneously.

    Assuming that you only need a part of audio, you can utilize the record function of this software. Click “Record” tab, then play the video, hit “On” and “Off” icon to control audio recording. While recording, the software will recognize the audio information and add ID3 tag to audio automatically. In addition, the inlaid audio editor will help you trim, mix, merge or add effect to MP3.

    Don’t hesitate to share other sites like FLV2MP3, leave a comment if you desire.

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