• Can you improve automatic task scheduling?
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    Can you improve automatic task scheduling?

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    Streaming sites like Livestream sometimes only stream a  live event once, at a single time in the future.  Can you make task scheduler work better to provide advance set-up to record such a live stream when I am NOT sitting at my computer?  If your task definition could accept a URL, and if  Screen Recorder PRO could, at the STart time, cause the browser to link to that URL at the scheduled time….while also starting to record as at present….that would be much better functionality for task scheduling. Can you do this?

    Secondly, if your task definition could include the option to automatically send the “full-screen” command for transmittal to a streaming site such as LiveStream…after linking to such a site… that would help very much in task scheduling.

    Otherwise, I have to be present at the keyboard when using Recorder Pro to go to the URL for a future Live event to be streamed…AND to click on the Full-screen choice once streaming starts from that site….which means Task Scheduling does NOT free me from sitting at the computer when seeking to record a one-time stream from a service like LiveStream….

    Can you improve automatic task scheduling?
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    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for your suggestions. For now, we do not support to record a URL or a website that provide streaming videos on your browser directly at the scheduled time, we’ll submit your suggestion to our technical department, they’ll decide whether this feature will be added. 

    You can set a task schedule to record full screen ahead of time. Just go to “Settings” > “Task Scheduler”, there you can set the time to start and stop, set the recording duration, and you can also set the action to record full screen or custom area. 

    Then you just need to open the streaming site and keep your computer running, once it’s the scheduled time, the recorder will start to record automatically. 

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