• Can you download videos from discovery channel?

    Can you download videos from discovery channel?

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    I like the Naked and Afraid show which made by discovery channel. It’s good to watch it on discovery site, but I wish to download the videos for watching them conveniently. Do you know any trick that can be helpful?

    Can you download videos from discovery channel?
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    On discovery.com, you can watch the video clips and full episodes of shows. The main topics are about science, geography, nature, animal and adventure. The videos are quite meaningful, you can enrich knowledge by watching them, and some of them even can be the learning resources to students. For many reasons, people want to download discovery channel video, here is how-to guide for you.

    Step one: Install the efficient Video Download Capture, click Options to do some settings.
    Step two: Open the software and play any of your liked discovery video. It’s okay to open multiple videos at the same time.
    Step three: In a moment, the videos will be detected, a reminder will pop up from the right corner of computer screen. The program starts video download.

    Done, that’s the whole process. Some discovery shows are rather long, so it may take much time to download videos from discovery channel. Just be patient, you can close the video page and do other operations at your will. If the video download is being interrupted accidentally, right-click the video, select start to resume the task.

    Tips: Discovery site allows you to watch videos in SD, medium and HD modes. If you want to download HD discovery show, please ensure that you watch the video in HD.

    Video Download Capture comes with other functions, one of them is welcomed by lots of users, it lets you add videos to iTunes for Apple devices within a few clicks. Choose Add to iTunes under the Tools tab, then it is simple to download free discovery channel videos to iPhone, iPad, iPod. Import videos to converter, hit Start then they will be convert to iTunes friendly format directly. After that, you can connect your device to computer and sync iTunes library. Cool! You can play discovery videos with your mobile now.

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