• Can’t get software window to open

    Can’t get software window to open

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    Video download capture will not maximise from the task bar for me on windows 8. I hover over the icon and can see the small thumbnail like preview but can’t get the window to open.

    Can’t get software window to open
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    Regarding your question, I guess it is not related with Video Download Capture. The main problem mainly lies in your operating system Windows 8. It occurred to me days ago. I am just finding that any programs installed on Windows 8 Pro will automatically maximize, that is to say, the programs always minimize on the task bar. I got the solutions from Microsoft answer, the cause can be the third-party security software program. Generally speaking, there are two methods to resolve the issue, on the one hand, you are suggested to run it in safe mode, while on the other hand, you can refer to Microsoft Safety Scanner. As for operations, please take a look at this given link.

    If that is not the case, another option that I suggest would be to hover your mouse over the software and wait until the preview window shows. The next all you need to do is to right-click the preview window and customize move. And then on your keyboard, you need to press one of the direction keys and move it around. Alternatively, you might try to press “shift+win+left” arrow as soon as the application runs. Hope it helps.

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