• Any way to burn podcast to CD?

    Any way to burn podcast to CD?

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    I have been intrigued by some podcasts on the web and wish to enjoy it on a CD player. But I don’t know how to transfer podcast to cd so that I can listen to it at my convenience elsewhere than online. Any help?
    Would love any info!

    Any way to burn podcast to CD?
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    Basically, podcast refers to any audio, video or digital media that distributed by professionals and amateurs on the Internet. Many of them are talk shows on latest news, music and entertainment, etc. It’s true that downloading podcasts from the Internet to iPod or other mp3 players comes in handy for enjoying them on the go.

    While in other cases, CDs are solid storage device to which you can back up your music. Moreover, burning CD gives you the ability to enjoy it in any standard CD player. In this case, transferring podcasts to CD would better meet your needs. Though the task of burning podcast to CD may seem a bit daunting, but it needn’t be if you follow the steps below.

    Burn podcasts to CD from podcast websites

    Some podcasts provided on websites are free to download, while others do not provide the link to that. In this case, Streaming Audio Recorder would help to download them from various podcast sites and burn them to CD.

    Streaming Audio Recorder is a user-friendly audio recording program that designed for both novice and professionals. With it, you are able to record any sound you hear from the computer sound card with high quality. Moreover, with many other features abound, it enables you to convert audio, edit audio, burn CD, edit ID3 tag, etc.

    Using it to burn podcasts to CD is easy:

    • Install and launch this audio recorder.

    • Choose an encoding preset. You can select your desired output format and folder or configure other advanced settings.
    • Click “On” to start recording.
    • Switch to the webpage of your favorite podcast sites and stream the podcast you chose.
    • Once it’s done, press the “Off” button. Now you have saved the podcast to your computer successfully.
    • Select “CD Burner” from the pop-up menu of “Tools”.
    • Add the recordings to the box and click “Start” to begin burning CD.

    Burn iTunes Podcasts to CD

    Apple’s iTunes program, which is often known as media files manager, also gives you the ability to purchase books, music, podcasts, videos, etc. Besides, the program also features CD burner and CD ripper. Since iTunes supports both Mac OS and Windows OS, thus the process for burning iTunes podcasts to CD works the same on both operating systems.

    To burn podcasts to CD on iTunes, you can follow the steps below.

    Step one: Open iTunes and then insert a blank CD into your computer.

    Step two: Create a new playlist by choosing either File > New playlist, then name your playlist.

    Step three: Download your podcast of choice in the iTunes store. Now you can find the podcast in your Library.

    Step four: Open the iTunes Library and rightclick the podcast you have downloaded and choose the “Add to Playlist” option, then select the playlist that you have just created.

    Step five: Right-click the playlist name and select “Burn Playlist to Disc”.

    Step six: Choose your preferred burning speed and Disc Format, and then click “Burn”.

    Step seven: With your Podcast CD playlist selected, click “Burn Disk” button.

    Above are the detailed steps on how to burn podcast from iTunes store or podcast websites to CD, hope it helps!

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