• Broadcast with OBS problem
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    Broadcast with OBS problem

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    I tried to use ApowerMirror to broadcast with OBS 18.0.1 but I found that it show black screen.
    How can I fix this problem?
    Thank you very much

    Broadcast with OBS problem
    Ada Reed
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    Hi Vincent,

    Please follow the instructions below.

    1. Open OBS, click “+” under “Sources”. Choose “Display Capture”.

      Choose Display Capture

    2. You can create a name for it and click “OK”.

      Create Display Capture

    3. In the new window, choose the display ratio, and decide whether you want to capture the cursor or not. After that, click “OK”.

      Display Properties

    4. Right-click the created source, and select “Filters”.

      Choose Filters

    5. Click “+” and choose “Crop/Pad”.

      Choose Crop/Pad

    6. Change the name if you want, and then click “OK”.

      Filter name

    7. Adjust the region that you want to broadcast by entering the numbers behind Left, Top, Right, and Bottom. It will show you the area once you enter a number so that you can locate the appropriate region. Afterwards, click “Close”.

      Adjust the window

    8. Now you can see the ApowerMirror screen in OBS without any problem.
      ApowerMirror Screen in OBS

    Thank you!

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