• Why my screen is green/black/white?

    Why my screen is green/black/white?

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    Every time I try to record anything with this program, I end up with a black screen. When I try to select and area to record, the entire screen turns into a grey area. After selecting an area (full screen, cursor, or region) I can begin the recording, but the end result is just a black screen with my cursor moving around the screen. I am not sure what the the problem is, but I hope I can receive some help. :)

    Why my screen is green/black/white?

    Recording Game:
    If you are getting a green/black/white screen when recording with Screen Recorder, this means you must put your game into WINDOWED MODE first, and then record it with Screen Recorder.

    To learn how to put your game into windowed mode, please cut and paste this text into Google, but replace the blank bit with the name of your game: How Do I Put _____ into windowed mode?

    Recording Screen:

    • Some Anti-virus may block the Screen Recorder to call some system function. So disable any Anti-virus software (Kaspersky, Norton, and other anti-virus programs) and try again.
    • Try to update the driver for your video card.
      How to: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/update-graphics-driver-windows-7.html
    • Try to disable Aero on Windows 7 or 8.
      Navigate to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced system settings, then click Performance -> Settings… Under Visual Effects, select Adjust for best performance, then click Apply. This will disable all visual effects associated with the old Aero theme.
    • Try to change the Windows Theme to Basic or Classic
      • Open Theme Settings by clicking the Start button  , clicking Control Panel, clicking Appearance and Personalization, clicking Personalization, and then clicking Theme.
      • Under Theme, select the Windows Classic or Windows Basic theme in the drop-down list, and then click OK.
    • There is also a more rare black/green screen problem which we have seen which is related to corrupted display drivers. In our case, the problem was related to a corrupted display driver for LogMeIn. This was also disabling windows Aero on our system. So this is a hint — if windows aero (i.e. fancy transparent windows) isn’t working, and you’re also getting a black/green screen problem with Screen Recorder, you likely have this issue.

      Here’s how to fix it. Go to your device manager and open display adapters
      how to open device manager in windows 8
      how to open device manager in windows 7

      In our case, the problem was solved by right-clicking LogMeIn Mirror Driver, choosing Uninstall, and then restarting the computer. We were then able to use Screen Recorder with no black screen problems, even after re-installing LogMeIn.

    If you are Windows XP, here are some suggestions:
    Disable the video acceleration.
    Click the right mouse button on the main screen of the computer, and then select the ‘Properties‘.

    And then click Advanced button, switch to Troubleshoot panel, you will reach the option for setting the acceleration for the hardware.
    This option needs to be set to ‘None‘ and then click ‘Apply‘ button to save.

    And then reboot your computer and try again.
    If you still have the black screen problem, re-install the latest version of Video Card Driver and DirectX
    How to install the latest version of DirectX

    If you have any further problems or concerns then please feel free to contact us again.

    Why my screen is green/black/white?
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    I am running Windows 7, and ave tried all that was suggested above, but still get a black screen.

    Why my screen is green/black/white?

    I recently purchased screen recorder pro. I am running Win 7 and have recently refreshed the install. All drivers are up to date including directx, the video card, and I always have aero preview disabled. When I try to create a screen recorder, the screen is black, but the sound works great.

    I have tried all of the solutions that you have suggested and still a black screen.

    Why my screen is green/black/white?
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    Hi! Simply select “View logs” from the drop-down menu of “Help”, and then send the log to support@apowersoft.com, our tech support will analyse the log and find out the problem.

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