• Beginner: A Few Questions About Apowersoft Streaming Audio R

    Beginner: A Few Questions About Apowersoft Streaming Audio R

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    Recently I’ve been searching on Google for a streaming audio recorder until I stumbled upon Apowersoft’s recorder. I loved the product features, namely the 1:1 audio quality. However, since I’m new to this and have never used a recording software before, I’m still concerned about the audio quality (yes, I’m an audiophile) because hey, after all, it’s just recording.

    Let’s say I purchased a song of 320 kps CBR from, say, Beatport. Then I proceeded to play the purchased song in my media player, say, iTunes. Now, if I recorded the song using Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder while it’s playing, and then later tagged the recorded mp3 file manually, would the recorded version be an exact copy of the purchased one (in terms of audio quality)?

    If yes, does the same apply to recording 320 kbps online streaming songs, i.e. no audio loss? I know the product features boast 1:1 audio quality (which is amazing!), but I was looking forward to user experiences.

    Plus, I have yet another question when it comes to recording streaming music. If I have a poor internet connection and thus the stream playback causes glitch-y sounds (or even worse, stops for a few seconds and buffers), will the software record all those glitches and pauses as well?

    I know it’s really long but I’m a complete newbie when it comes to recording, so I’m looking forward to some helpful responses. Thanks!

    Beginner: A Few Questions About Apowersoft Streaming Audio R
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    It is my pleasure to explain these questions to you. Next, I will answer your questions one by one.

    Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is a comprehensive software with many useful functions. As an audio recorder, it can record the audio in high quality which means that you can get the recorded audio of 320kbps. The recorded audio will be saved as the exact copy of the purchased one. So you don’t need to worry about the audio quality since this software can record any sound in 1:1 quality. That can help you get the audio you want with great ease.

    Many beginners like you utilize this software with no difficulties. They often use this software to record the songs online or record their own singing along with the background music online within this software due to the reason that it can record the sound both from system and microphone.

    About your last question, many users also have the same worry. However, this audio recorder has a nice feature that it will automatically skip silent passages in process of recording. So you don’t need to worry about the quality and continuity of the recorded audio if your internet connection is poor or there are some glitch-y sounds or pauses during the recording process.

    Except recording audios, this powerful software also can be utilized as music downloader, audio editor, audio converter, CD burner, etc. It allows you to search the song directly, play it online by clicking “Audition” and add it to download. It is indeed a wonderful program which is worth owning. Hope you can have a try.

    Following are some detailed instructions to record online streaming songs:

    Firstly, download and install this software, then run it on your computer.
    Secondly, make some target settings before you start recording. Click on “Settings” menu, choose “Audio Formats” among the selections including MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA and ACC. And then you can also choose the audio resolution as 320kbps since you want to record the song in high quality.
    Thirdly, stream music online and choose one you want to record.
    Fourthly, click “On” and then play the song online. This software can record the song completely without audio loss. Even much better, it has a remarkable feature that it can automatically identify the information of the song such as title, artist, year, etc.
    Fifthly, the last thing you should do is that click “Off” when the song is over. Then you can hit on “Open Folder” to check the recorded song’s quality.

    If you have any other problems, please contact me immediately. I will do my best to help you.

    Beginner: A Few Questions About Apowersoft Streaming Audio R
    Braden Thro

    Downloaded Apowersoft for xp but can’t use hotkeys – no matter what I choose, keys are supposedly used by some other application. Any suggestions?

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      • Alice Wang :

        Thanks for your feedback, you may try to select different combination of hotkeys, this may avoid conflict with other software's hotkeys. If that do not work, please click "Support" and send log file to us, we would check the issue.

      • 2016-12-29 03:57 Reply
    Beginner: A Few Questions About Apowersoft Streaming Audio R
    Noel Pereda

    Not Working at all !!! I am saddened to report!

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