• 【macOS】Audio Recorder “Not Recording” Solution
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    【macOS】Audio Recorder “Not Recording” Solution

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    【How to Solve】

    Audio Recorder Not Recording

    【Adapt For】 macOS 10.14

    【Issue】The recording time froze at “00:00:00” after beginning the recording:

    ▶▶ Solution 1 

    In this case, it means the microphone access has not been turned on yet. Please kindly follow the steps below to solve this issue:

    1. Enter “System Preferences…” from the top menu.

    2. Choose “Security & Privacy”.

    3. Simply check “Apowersoft Mac Audio Recorder.app” in “Microphone”.


    ▶▶ Solution 2

    If solution one does not work, kindly send feedback from the program so that the program’s technician can check this feedback and locate the problem for you:

    Click on the program to enable the top menu. Then, enter “Help” section and choose “Feedback”. Next, describe the issue you are having with the program there and send it to us.


    Failed Installation of Virtual Sound Card

    【Adapt For】All Version

    【Issue】The program keeps noticing you that the virtual sound card cannot be detected and asking you to install it.

    ▶▶ Solution 

    1. Click “No” when the you see the pop-up window below:

    2. Then, quit Mac Audio Recorder.

    3.  Run Mac Audio Recorder again and click “Yes” if the above window pops up and asks for the installation of virtual sound card.

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