• Audio Recorder Just Does Nothing…..
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    Audio Recorder Just Does Nothing…..

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    Install this and downloaded the sound card option for my MAC to record some YouTube mixes. Set audio source to “System Sound” put the volume at close to full and click record (mix is playing on YouTube). Record button turns to stop and just sits there doing nothing. Timer just sits a zero and nothing.

    I’d gladly pay but if the demo doesn’t even work (what you need to convert customers to paying customers) how much chance do you have getting it to work once you have paid your money ?

    Audio Recorder Just Does Nothing…..
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    May I know which program you were using to record YouTube?

    If it’s Mac Screen Recorder, just make sure that you have installed the virtual sound card successfully.

    You can refer to this post: https://www.apowersoft.com/community/topic/fail-to-install-virtual-sound-card.html

    If you have installed it correctly, you can restart your Mac and launch the program to record.

    If the record button turns to stop but still do nothing, you can submit a ticket to Apowersoft to get this issue solved.


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