• Audio Desyncing

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    Audio Desyncing

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    This is driving me nuts.  If I import a video, edit it and get it to where I want it to be, if I add a separate video to the start of the video, it desync’s the audio from the main video after exporting.

    I’ve tried increasing the bitrate in the hope that it might solve the problem but it doesn’t.

    Surely I should be able to add in additional files without it effecting the overall document?  The other video has no sound attached to it so it makes no sense.

    The sounds begins playing before the main video starts causing it to be out of sync.

    I’ve also unattached the audio from the main video and put it in it’s own line but the same still happens!

    Any help as to why this is happening would be appreciated.

    Audio Desyncing

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    Hi, your problem seems to be a little complicated. You’d better send your log file to Apowersoft technical team. They are warm-hearted people. Click Menu > Help > Feedback to submit your log. 

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