• Are there any SoundTap alternatives for Mac?

    Are there any SoundTap alternatives for Mac?

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    I often use SoundTap to record audio on my Mac, but I found that it only can record audio in two formats – MP3 and WAV, which makes me have fewer choices. So I am wondering if anyone could possibly suggest me an alternative program to SoundTap, which provides the same options but supports a wider range of output formats. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Are there any SoundTap alternatives for Mac?
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    SoundTap Streaming Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use utility that can be used for any sound recording purposes, from recording radio broadcast to grabbing audio conferences or extracting audio from videos online. And even the voice over internet phone calls can be recorded with this program. In case other readers who’re not familiar with this tool yet, here comes SoundTap for Mac review with the pros and cons:


    • One of its outstanding features is that this software can help you record lossless audio.
    • Empowered by the inner kernel driver, this audio recorder performs quite well in retaining origin sound quality when recording.
    • “Find and Play” interface for users to arrange and audition your recordings intuitively.


    • Only supports two formats – MP3 and WAV, which may not be satisfactory to everyone.
    • The installation of its special kernel driver needs system-reboot which is a hassle.

    Considering all the above disadvantages of SoundTap, you may want one better SoundTap alternative that covers the drawbacks. There are many similar programs on the net that can satisfy your requirements, here I will only introduce two software to you for reference.

    The Best Choice – Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac

    The best audio recorder for Mac I want to recommend to you is Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. This tool is able to record any audio from system sound or microphone or even other mobile devices. And it’s easy to work through on Mac. You just need to configure a few settings in accordance to your situations, and then start to record the sound. Also, you may control over the recording within pause or stop icons. After that, it is available for you to listen to the recorded audio in the library tab.

    As the most remarkable similar software like SoundTap for Mac, this audio recorder has many attractive merits. With it, you can record countless Mac audios as long as you want in 1:1 quality. And this software supports to record the audio in many different formats including MP3, WMA, M4A, OGG, etc, which you can select according to your need. During recording, this software will automatically skip the silent part caused by delay of buffers or interruption in connection. Furthermore, it can identify the music information including title, artist, year, etc.

    However, this tool performs well with satisfaction in almost all aspects despite the fact that it’s a paid software. Besides, you must keep the audio playing during recording which is not time-effective when dealing with multiple tracks.

    Another Nice Choice – Audio Hijack Pro for Mac

    Another great software I want to share with you is that Audio Hijack Pro for Mac, which is also able to record any audios from player applications or devices like iPod. The recorded audio will be saved in the recording bin list. Also, this software is equipped with optimized presets for recording sounds from apps like Safari, Skype, iTunes or iChat within a single click. That makes it easier for adding new ones to the list.

    Nevertheless, this software has some drawbacks that influence the performance. Although you can create a preset for recording the sound from indicated source or application, it does not let you save them for other use. After all, it is a recommendable similar software like SoundTap for Mac.

    These two streaming audio recorders both work well on Mac to record the sound from online resources and applications like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, etc. It is your own choice to select a desired one to take place of SoundTap. However, there is one thing I want to remind you that you’d better only record non-copyright materials. Hope my suggestion could help.

    Are there any SoundTap alternatives for Mac?
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    Just try to use TunesKit Audio Capture. It’s really a powerful audio recorder which can help you download and record audio from any websites and programs with ease.

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