• Changelog of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro
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    Changelog of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro

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    Below are the version updates of Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro, you can check out from below to know each updates. Plus, if you have any problems or feedbacks upon this program, you can email us or leave your messages in this forum.


    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.3.0 Released (03/09/2017) NEW

    add pin to screen

    • Optimizes and adjusted the screenshot window.
    • Improves the visual and user experience.
    • Fixes some bugs.

    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.2.0 Released (01/07/2016)

    • Supports multiple monitors.
    • Recording area can be moved during recording.
    • Optimizes the function of editing image.
    • Displays #aaaaaa color when capturing screenshot.
    • The quality for Jpeg images can be customized.
    • Added Arabic.
    • Other minor bugs fixes.

    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.1.0 Released (02/12/2015)

    • Adds function of screen video recorder.

    • Optimizes the display of program’s interface on computer with high-resolution.
    • Changes the style of dialogs.
    • Makes it possible to drag the text in Quick Editor.
    • Solves the problem that copied image cannot be filled with color on editing board.
    • Solves the problem that program may exit when it’s done with screen recording.
    • Adds links to useful tools including phone manager, video converter and editor.
    • Optimizes the interface of settings.
    • Adds Greek to supported languages.
    • Fixes other bugs.

    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.0.8 (01/07/2014)

    • Fixes the bug when users copy and paste a shape in using the image editor.
    • Solves the problem that the rectangle in small size could not be moved.
    • Updates some texts in multiple languages.
    • Fixes other minor bugs.

    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.0.5 (12/26/2014)

    • Adds task scheduler.

    • Adds PDF as new output format.
    • Improves the compatibility of scroll capture.
    • Fixes other minor bugs.

    Apowersoft Screen Capture Pro V1.0.3 (12/15/2014)

    • Removes starter interface and moved the options to advanced screen capture panel.
    • Adds quick editing option to all-in-one capture mode (next version will enable quick editing for more capture modes).
    • Adds shortcuts to webpage capture and image uploader.

    • Improves the performance and stability for capturing scrollable window.
    • Enables selecting multiple output options for the screenshot at the same time.
    • Solves the problem that undo option did not work after dragging or resizing images.
    • Optimizes the default size of eraser in image editor.
    • Adds new languages of Danish, Hungarian and Czech to the program.
    • Fixes other minor bugs.
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