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    Apowersoft Android Recorder

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    How do I disable the firewall to use the pc connect with the mobile phone. Guide me to use android app

    Apowersoft Android Recorder
    Alice Wang
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    Launch Apowersoft Android Recorder on your computer. At this time, a “Windows Security Alert” window will pop up on your screen. To successfully make the connection, please check the two item boxes below and click “Allow access” button to continue.

    Windows security alert

     If your PC doesn’t have a pop-up window when you run Android Recorder, you need to make some settings on PC manually. Open “Control Panel” > “System and Security” > “Windows Firewall” > “Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall”. You can find Apowersoft Android Recorder under “Allowed apps and features”. Then tick boxes relating to this app to proceed.

    For more details you can read How to Use Apowersoft Android Recorder.

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