• ApowerMirror Shuts Overnight
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    ApowerMirror Shuts Overnight

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    I have a Windows 10 PC connected to a Samsung A11 through USB as well as an iPhone 7 connected through USB. using VIP account on ApowerMirroing App, thus, there is no time limit. Everything seems to be working fine for both mirroring and controlling both phones after initial connection through USB and accepting/authorizing mirroring on android device. I can see and control both phones screens, however, whenever I leave the ApowerMirroring running overnight, next morning the App is no longer running. I have kept the Apowermirror App running throughout the day for hours without activity and it doesn’t close, so I am not sure what exactly is causing such event as it doesn’t seem related to an inactivity timer at all. Since that’s a remote PC, I need support for someone to “accept” the connection again on the Android phone every morning, which is not sustainable.  

    Is there a way to avoid such overnight disconnections? if not, is there a way to bypass the need to authorize the connection on the android device every time the App is re-open on the PC? According to the App, the message shown on the Android device to authorize the mirroring has a checkbox where we can indicate “Do not show again” but that’s not shown on the actual Samsung A11.

    ApowerMirror Shuts Overnight
    Sunny Alex
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    Please enable this mode:  https://www.apowersoft.com/community/topic/screen-off-mirroring.html 

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      • sidonio.rodrigues (author) :

        Thanks, I will try this. But one thing I am noticing is that whenever I click on that "Screen Off" button, it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all, nor does it show any status or color indicating it has been enabled. I can still see the phone's screen and control it through the PC. Is this expected? also, since I don't know exactly if that mode is enabled/disabled, how do I check if it is indeed enabled? 

      • 2021-09-29 12:03 Reply
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      • sidonio.rodrigues (author) :

        OK, so even though I have no way of knowing if the screen-off mode was enabled or not, the App didn't crash last night, which is a good sign, hopefully pressing that screen-off button once is enough, and hopefully even if it is pressed twice (meaning enabling/disabling, if that's how such button works) also prevents it from crashing, but since there is no way to know its status (enabled/disabled) we won't be able to tell if that was the reason. 

      • 2021-09-30 12:59 Reply
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