• Apowermirror Can't Connect
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    Apowermirror Can't Connect

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    I am running Win 10 Home on my PC and have an Android J7 phone.  In the past I was able to get my phone and computer to connect with Apowermirror, but now they cannot seem to detect each other.  Both are on the same wireless network.

    I have recently set up a new PC, so maybe there are settings I need to look at.  

    Any tips on what to troubleshoot?

    Thank you,


    Apowermirror Can't Connect
    Ada Reed
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    Hi Scott,

    Sorry for the problem. Please refer to this guide and see if it can help you:https://www.apowersoft.com/community/topic/solutions-to-iphone-cannot-connect-to-apowermirror.html .

    Besides, you can try to connect your phone to PC via USB cable. 

    Thank you!

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      • scott.tucker (author) :

        item #4 says I need to have iTunes (for Bonjour? service) installed on my PC.   Really?  i'm not going to install iTunes on my PC, so if that is a requirement, I won't be using your product.

        The software worked until recently.  I will try and figure out how to check "IP Isolation" on my home router, but I'm pretty sure nothing has changed there.

      • 2018-04-30 11:27 Reply
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      • Ada Reed reply to scott.tucker :

        Sorry for the inconvenience. Item 4 is for iPhone users. You needn't have to install iTunes on your PC. We have received your email and replied you. Thank you for your support?

      • 2018-05-02 03:05 Reply
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