• Anyone knows how to create audio books?

    Anyone knows how to create audio books?

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    As a mother, it is awful nice to read bedtime stories for my little child. But I am often caught in a dilemma cause I have to on the night shift every three days, so I have no time left to read for him after work. To make up for this, an idea hit me, I wanna create my own audio book so that my boy can also enjoy a bedtime story even when I am out for work at night. However there exists another headache, I have no idea how to make audio books. Can someone help me?

    Anyone knows how to create audio books?
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    It’s said that there’s no greater love than a mother’s love. You do make interpretation for a mother’s love. And your child would be much grateful for having such a great mom to read bedtime stories for him even when you are busy working out.

    Ok, back to our point. To create audio book, you can record your story-telling sound with an audio recorder, then your recordings can be played on computer or you can transfer it to your portable devices. Here I will introduce two ways for you to create your audio books.

    Two Ways for Audio Book Creation


    SoundCloud is an online free service which enables you to create and record any sound. You can press the “Upload your track or record something” button on the dashboard to record your voice.

    It’s true that SoundCloud is of great convenience for recording, but it focuses more on uploading and sharing sound with your friend across social networks. If you look for a more professional audio book creator, Streaming Audio Recorder can be a better choice.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder helps you to record any sound from computer sound card and microphone or both. Except for the recording function, you can also edit the recording by adding some relevant sound effects in order to make your stories funnier. Even better, there are five supported common formats (acc, mp3, wav, ogg, wma) available for you to choose from so that this audio book can be played on your digital device.

    Detailed Steps for Creating an Audio Book

    Step one, Preparing the reading material and practice it for recording more fluently.

    Step two, Connect your microphone to the computer. Make sure it’s connected to the computer correctly.

    Step three, Install and launch the Streaming Audio Recorder. Then you can make the settings as you like, for example you can choose your desired output format and change the Audio Source to Both System Sound and Microphone if you want to add background music to your audio book. More convenient is, you can choose to skip the silent passages in the process of recording automatically.

    Step four, Start the recording by clicking the On button and hit the Off button to finish your reading.

    Then you can transfer the audio book you create to your digital devices like iPod, iPad etc. If you want to burn the audio books to CD, you can insert a blank CD in your computer drive and add the recordings to the interface of CD Burner.

    While if you do not have time to create audio book, you can record the audio book from the online website below.

    Online Audiobook Websites for Children


    Storynory is a free audio books website for kids with colorful webpage providing fairytales, myths, and stories around the world. You can download a free audio book from it each week.

    Light Up Your Brain

    Light Up Your Brain gives dual effects to the study and the entertainment as it allows children to listen to a large collection of audio books and play the brain-teaser games.

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