• Any program like Snowtape for Windows?

    Any program like Snowtape for Windows?

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    Can you use Snowtape on Windows PC? I cannot find the download link for Windows version. What I need is a Windows program for recording Internet radio which works just like Snowtape, anyone can give me some advices?

    Any program like Snowtape for Windows?
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    Snowtape is a Mac software which is designed for recording audio, talk shows, radio programs and songs. It provides links to more than 3000 radio stations in the “Online Directory”. And you are allowed to add more stations into the directory via URL. It records radio in high quality and supports to export recorded audio to iTunes with simple steps. However, in Snowtape review, users complained that it doesn’t have a Windows version. Digital users and music fans are discussing whether there’s a similar tool can be used on Windows, for I have also seen this kind of discussions in other forums, I’m going to evaluate some best alternatives in this thread.

    Streaming Audio Recorder

    Streaming Audio Recorder can be used as a good Snowtape alternative, it works just like Snowtape and comes with more functions. Both Windows and Mac users can enjoy its benefits, just download it to get started.

    • After installing the software, activate it and click “Play” tab.
    • In the playlist pane on the left side, you can see radios from different station classified by genres. Browse them and look for the station you want to listen to. Or, you can choose “Search”, enter the keywords to find your favorite radio quickly.
    • After you get the song you need, you may hit the little headphone icon to play it or click red icon to record it as MP3.
    • In additional, you are allowed to add the station to “My Favorites” and share it on social network sites.

    Despite the functions of searching and recording radio, this Snowtape for Windows supports you to record audio in another way. If you want to record a radio program on the specific time, the recording scheduler will make the job easier. Select “Create schedule task” in “Tools” on the top of interface, make the settings in the popup window. Name the task, set the “Start time”, “Duration”, then click “Create” to add this task. Then, the program will start recording at the time you set.


    Radiosure is one of the best Internet radio players nowadays. You can listen to the radios from America, Europe and Asia with it. Better still, new stations are updated and added to the program every week. Many people regard it as one of the best Snowtape alternatives mainly for the reasons below:

    1. The interface is simple and understandable, the station name, country, genre, language are displayed clearly. The brief information will help user to discover their desired radio with no effort.

    2. The way to record is very simple. You only need to play the radio, then right click on it, choose “Rec” in the menu. You can adjust voice volume, or pause/resume/stop audio recording at any time.

    3. The program is capable of recording radio in MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, FLAC and many others. In this case, the recorded files can be played on any players or portable devices successfully.

    To conclude, we have review two alternatives to Snowtape, while Streaming Audio Recorder is regarded as the best one. It offers one-stop solution to listen to radio, record radio, add ID3 information for radio music, burn radio shows to CD, etc. Radiosure is simple to operate, but the functions are limited, it may fails to satisfy the needs of advanced users. Choose the suitable one for yourself, good luck!

    Any program like Snowtape for Windows?
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    Is this programme suitable for Windows 10 also? I am using Windows 10 on my Lenovo laptop. I have visited Lenovo Laptop Screen Flickering page and get useful ideas here.

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