• Additional way to solve the system sound recording issue
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    Additional way to solve the system sound recording issue

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    If you don’t want to install Apowersoft_AudioDevice (Apowersoft Virtual Sound Card) or the installation failed, you can try to enable Stereo Mix to record system sound (What U Hear).

    In fact, recording whatever is being output is easy. The only hang-up is accessing that recording channel, which can be done rather easily. You can follow steps below to solve the sound recording issue.

    For Windows:

    1. How to Enable Stereo Mix?

    Windows Vista/7/8

    • Right-click the Volume icon on your taskbar and select Recording Devices to open the proper settings pane.
    • In the pane, right-click on a blank area, and make sure both View Disabled Devices and View Disconnected Devices options are checked. After that, the Stereo Mix option would appear.
    • Next, simply right-click on Stereo Mix and click Enable in order to use it.

    Windows XP

    • Double click the Speaker icon on the taskbar.
    • A mixing interface will appear afterwards. Then click on Options->Properties.
    • Select the Recording Tab and tick the Stereo Mix option.
    • Turn on the mixing interface and check the Select the Stereo Mixer option.
    • Click on OK to finalize the operation.

    2. How Do I Use This?
    With “Stereo Mix” enabled, you can open up your favorite recording program and select that instead of your microphone before recording.

    If you are using Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder, then you can follow the steps below.

    1. Click Settings->Recording Settings->Audio Source, change audio source to Microphone, and select your Stereo Mix device, then click OK to save your change.

    2. Start your recording, you can record system sound successfully now.

    And if you are using Apowersoft Screen Recorder Suite, simply follow the guide below.

    1.Click Tools->Options->Recording->Audio Input, select your Stereo Mix device in Microphone, then click OK to save your change.

    2. Then click Audio Input, switch it to Microphone, and start recording, it will record System Sound now.

    If you want to know the detailed setting steps about Audio Recorder in Apowersoft Software, please visit here.

    For Mac OS X:

    • Download Soundflower from http://download.apowersoft.com/soundflower.dmg and then install it, reboot your computer.
    • After you’ve installed Soundflower, launch the Sound system preference and you’ll see Soundflower in the Output and Input tabs. Select the Output tab and choose Soundflower (2ch).
    • When you choose Soundflower as your Mac’s audio output, you can no longer hear it through attached speakers or headphones. In order to monitor what’s happening, launch the Soundflowerbed application (found in /Applications/Soundflower). Click the Soundflowerbed menu bar item that appears and choose your speakers or headphones from the menu. Now, the audio application can capture what is being played on your Mac, and you can listen to the source audio as well.

    • To configure Mac Screen Recorder, just choose Options -> Recording -> Audio. In the Microphone device, select the Soundflower (2ch), and then return the the main interface. Next, click Audio Input menu, select Microphone as the input audio source.

    • Start recording, I think you will record the system sound now.
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