• Any better alternatives to sharepod

    Any better alternatives to sharepod

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    Recently, i was forced to upgrade to the iTunes 12.1, which blocks the sharepod to access my iPhone 6. Now I cannot transfer music from iPhone to my iTunes. Can anyone give me some suggestions. Thanks in advance :D

    Any better alternatives to sharepod
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    Hello, thanks for your question. Created by the same company who made the very famous app iExplorer, Sharepod is a robust music transfer application. This tool allows you to transfer music as well as playlist from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes to Mac and Windows PC. Unlike other software with additional features, Sharepod concentrates more on music transferring as well as playlist exporting. Actually the latest version iTunes 12.1 is a native 64-bit application, which prevents Sharepod from accessing the apple devices. If you want to transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, you need to find another mobile management software as an alternative.

    Before getting the solutions, check out this mini sharepod review after the break.

    The main feature of Sharepod lies on its ability to easily transfer music files from your iOS device to Mac or PC. Additionally, it can transfer songs from your device or computer to iTunes directly. Aside from music transferring, Sharepod equally allows users to share or copy created iTunes playlist into device or PC with just one click. You could also recover lost music library using Sharepod and transfer it from your new device effortlessly using its auto-transfer feature.

    This sharepod review wouldn’t be complete without stating the software’s pros and cons, check them out below:


    1. Easy to install and simple to use
    2. Can transfer music and playlist efficiently
    3. Automatic file transferring feature
    4. Cool user interface
    5. Supports the latest iOS operating system


    1. The free version is limited
    2. Exclusive app for music transferring only
    3. Not compatible to other mobile OS
    4. License key is needed to unlock all its features
    5. Quite expensive for $20
    6. Not work with iTunes 12.1

    Beyond its wonderful functionalities, still, not every user is contented with this software. The lack of additional features, costly license key and limited capabilities are just some of the most common reasons why users are looking for sharepod alternative. Fortunately, there are other applications that function the same if not better than Sharepod. Above all, the tools introduced here are fully compatible with iTunes 12.1. See this next app below.

    Apowersoft Phone Manager

    One great alternative to sharepod is the Apowersoft Phone Manager. This phone management software can transfer not just music files but other mobile data as well such as music, messages, contacts, apps, wallpapers, videos, files and many more. The Apowersoft Phone Manager supports all the iOS gadgets making it such a comprehensive phone transferring application.

    Below is a detailed guide on how to use it. You may refer to the live demo or detailed steps as follows:

    • Download and install the program on your PC. Connect your phone to the PC via USB. Then click “Trust” to enable the connection.
    • After your device has been automatically recognized, click the “Music” icon located on top. From here you will see all songs stored on your device. Select the ones you wish to transfer by ticking the checkbox and hit the “Export” on top. You could also import songs from your PC to smartphone as well as delete or set certain songs as ringtone.
    • If you wish to transfer songs from your device to iTunes, open your iTunes on PC and click “File” > “Add file to library”

    Aside from easy as well as convenient transferring of music, this alternative to sharepod is moreover filled with stunning features not available on the former. With Apowersoft Phone Manager, users would get to enjoy the stunning features:

    1. Compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones
    2. Free/Pro version available
    3. Web version offered for users
    4. Can backup/restore files
    5. Supports transferring of other data (photos, contacts, videos, etc.)
    6. Do not support direct playlist transferring
    7. Mobile screenshot, project mobile screen to PC, data organization and versatile connection mode.

    Indeed, tons of paid as well as sharepod free alternative can be found online. However, bear in mind that each one of them differs in terms of feature and functionality. If you need to transfer music files from your device to PC, Apowersoft Phone Manager can be your best bet. What merits our attention is that now this program highly supports iTunes 12.1, which makes you detect your apple devices without any hassle.

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