• Any alternative to Perian?

    Any alternative to Perian?

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    I have 1080p AVI files to play on my QuickTime. I know I need Perian to run through it, but the latest version I have does no longer work. My QuickTime is version 10. What should I do? Any idea for that?

    Any alternative to Perian?
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    Hello Chatterley, thank you very much for your consultancy and wish you a merry Christmas.

    We feel genuinely approval that Perian and Quicktime are a perfect integration when it comes to playing movies in Apple’s Quicktime player. We must have recognized Quicktime is only compatible with the popular apple formats like MP4, MOV, M4V. It is Perian that makes it possible to play a wide range of media files on Quicktime straightforwardly by overcoming the limited support to default codecs in this player. But the grievous news is the development team of the Perian plug-in for QuickTime has announced they will no longer maintain on this product. Perian closed its door to vast Quicktime users, but some perian alternative will continue to let us play videos in Quicktime whatever we throw at it.

    Best Perian alternatives for Mac

    Method One: Multifunctional converter–Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac

    The preferred approach is Apowersoft Video Converter for Mac, which assists in converting video format of all types to a Quicktime compatible format in high quality. Especially designed for Mac, this best Perian replacement will not halt the service like what Perian provided for QuickTime.

    1. Download and install the program in your Mac.

    2. Hit “Converter” icon to add video files to the converter.

    3. Go to “Profile” field to choose the target format you want for Quicktime.

    4. Go to “Output” field to place the file location for the output file.

    5. Hit “Convert” button to convert video.

    The process is very easy and fast but the conversion time depends on the length and size of the video file. Additionally, there are almost all popular video and audio formats included on this Perian alternative, which is a complement to the limitation of QuickTime.

    Method Two: Multimedia player–VLC Media Player

    Well, QuickTime is an amazing program for playing and watching video and audio files. As a multimedia player running on Mac platform, the main drawback is its insufficiency of playing media files other than the popular apple formats. Compared with QuickTime, VLC is a not bad option, which Perian themselves suggested. It can handle everything thrown at it and rarely meets a codec it cannot dispose of.

    1. Download and install the latest version from VideoLAN.

    2. Click on “Media” on the left top corner and choose “Open file” to launch the media.

    For people who just wanna watch movies rather than convert them, VLC is a pretty good alternative to Perian. The main difference is that VLC is a standalone application that doesn’t integrate with QuickTime.

    Method Three: Perianlike plugin–Flip4Mac

    Though Perian discontinued its extended media support for QuickTime, the Perian team has suggested several alternatives but none of them have integration with QuickTime. If you would rather give a try for QuickTime plugins than switch to use a third-party player, Flip4Mac may come into effect.

    1. Download and install the Flip4Mac from Telestream.

    2. Relaunch your web browser and QuickTime application and it will work correctly.

    With Flip4Mac installed, the Windows Media files are associated with QuickTime. The next time you open a Windows Media file, it will automatically launch the QuickTime player. This replacement for Perian makes up for the limitation of QuickTime to play Windows Media file and maintain the integration with it at the same time, though it is not as powerful as Perian.

    Tips: Please note that Flip4Mac only has your QuickTime player support Windows Media Video, like WMV, AVI, and WMA, etc.

    Summing up

    Despite Perian’s retirement, the current version of Perian can still work with QuickTime if it is version 7.66 or below. Allowing for most people who are using version 10 or above, the aforementioned three applications do help you play many popular types of media. Those best Perian alternatives for Mac have their own pluses and minuses. The ideal solution is to convert the files to QuickTime supported format, which on the one hand maintain your interest in QuickTime and on the other hand aid you to view movies on the go. If you don’t mind to turn to something else to replace QuickTime, VLC is the best way out. Suppose you wanted a similar component to Perian, Flip4Mac would perform like Perian but it only works with Windows Media files. Check out the one that is the best for you.

    Any alternative to Perian?
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