• Do you know any alternative apps to AccuRadio?

    Do you know any alternative apps to AccuRadio?

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    I like listening to radio on AccuRadio because it has provided thousands of channels of different genres. But I am upset by two defects for a long time: one is that this radio platform has many useless ads that would disturb my operation; another is that it requests registration to further use on this site. In that case, I am wondering whether there is a good alternative to AccuRadio that works smoothly on my computer. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    Do you know any alternative apps to AccuRadio?
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    AccuRadio is a multichannel radio site, which has at least one million listeners per month. Though it has so welcomed by majority of people, it still exists several tiresome shortcomings. In order to get a general understanding of this social radio platform, here comes the AccuRadio review in pros and cons:


    1. With Various genres of radio channels, you can stream them freely.
    2. A great amount of popular music tracks are updated timely for enjoyment.
    3. Equipped with a powerful searching engine, which works friendly among users.


    1. Lots of annoyed ads on the page might interfere your operation.
    2. Registration seems a little complicated and troublesome.
    3. With so many users online, connection may slow down, which leads to wasting much time of loading.

    With these unavoidable drawbacks of this site, many people are longing for finding other workable alternatives to AccuRadio. In that case, I will introduce you some recommendable replacements to you for reference. Please read on and select your desirable application among them.

    AccuRadio Alternative for Windows

    The most reliable program like Accurative (for Windows) I want to share with you is Streaming Audio Recorder. It is a comprehensive software which holds multiple brilliant functions including listening and recording radio, converting audio, downloading MP3s, etc. With a special built-in radio player, it is much easier for you to listen to access the radio through the network. Please follow the steps below and learn how to use this similar software like AccuRadio.

    Step 1: Download, install this software, and launch it on your computer.

    Step 2: Once the tool runs, click the “Play” tab in the middle menu, and then hit on “Radio” on the left side. It will appear various radio genres for selecting such as 80s, Blues, Comedy, etc. You can choose one of them at your will.

    Step 3: Each genre has many different stations for you to listen to. It is also available for you to “Add to My favorites”, “Share” with others or even “Record” the radio without hassles.

    Despite those radio genres that this program provides you acquiescently, it is possible for you to search the radio stations by selecting languages or countries/regions.

    Alternative Apps to AccuRadio for Mac

    As for Mac PC, Radioshift is the best choice for you. It is a remarkable application for listening and recording internet radio. With an iTunes-like interface, it is much easier for you to get used to utilizing this software. You can find the radio channels by inputting keywords to the search bar or browsing the popular radio stations offered by itself. With a fantastic Radio Guide, which has listed more than 50,000 radio stations and programs around the world, it is random for you to stream, send to iTunes or even edit it without hinders.

    These two alternatives to AccuRadio are workable and reliable for utilizing. Though they serves on different computer system, both of them are the greatest one in their respective filed. You can pretty much rest assured that they are the most suitable alternatives for you. If you have any other questions, please reply us below.

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