• [Expired]7-Days Challenge | 100% Win a VIP
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    [Expired]7-Days Challenge | 100% Win a VIP

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    Sometimes, we don’t need 21 days to develop a good habit, 7 days is enough.

    Now we’d like to hold a 7-Days Challenge contest to help you develop the good habit of working and studying effectively.

    Time: 8.12-8.26

    How to :

    Step 1: Take a photo or video of that you work or study using Apowersoft PDF Converter or ApowerPDF. (PS: It is not necessary that you need to on camera when taking the photo or video)

    Apowersoft PDF Converter: https://www.apowersoft.com/pdf-converter

    ApowerPDF: https://www.apowersoft.com/pdf-editor

    Step 2: Share your video or photo to one of your social accounts, such as: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. with the format: #7DaysChallenge + Day x using software name, and @apowersoft.

    Eg: #7DaysChallenge Day 1 using ApowerPDF @apowersoft

    Step 3: You can send the screenshot of your sharing or send us the link of your sharing below this post: https://www.apowersoft.cn/community/topic/36263773.html 



    1. PDF Converter Monthly VIP for people who share their challenge status for 1 day.

    2. PDF Converter + ApowerPDF VIP Monthly VIP for people who share their challenge status for 3 days.

    3. Apowersoft Unlimited Monthly VIP for people who share their challenge status for 5 days.

    4. Apowersoft Unlimited Quarterly VIP for people who share their challenge status for 7 days.



    1. ApowerPDF or Apowersoft PDF Converter must be shown in your photo or video.

    2. In order to calculate easily, if you share the video or photo via one of your social account, then you need to share it with this account for the next few days if you want to continue the contest. (For example, if you share the photo or video on your Facebook the first day, and you want to share your challenge status for 7 days, then you need to post your challenge status on Facebook for the other 6 days .)

    3. You can win the prize even you participate for only 1 day. But if you want to win Apowersoft Unlimited Quarterly VIP, you need to participate for 7 days. 


    If you have any question, feel free to contact us below or send email to our email: support@apowersoft.com.


    Let’s start the challenge NOW!


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