General Settings
Language (lang)Select Language
Output Format (vformat)The default is MP4
Video Encoder (vcodec)If you need to play videos online, select MP4 (H264)
Bitrate (vbitrate)The higher the value is, the clearer the video will be, and the larger the file will be
Frame Rate (vfps)The higher the value is, the smoother the video will be, and the higher the CPU Utilization will be
Audio Quality (aquality)The higher the quality is, the larger the file will be. It is set to high quality by default.
Auto Start (recauto)
Recording Type (rectype)
Coordinate and size of the recording region (recrectangle)Take effect when it is rectype=0, format: x,y,w,h, enpty
Whenrecauto=0, users customize the region to record
When it is recauto=1,it will record the selected region automatically
Recording Mode (recmode)Quality Priority: Higher CPU utilization, better video quality
Performance Priority: Reducing CPU utilization by lowering video quality
Balance: Balancing CPU utilization and video quality (Recommended)
Record mouse cursor (recmouse)
Record mouse clicks (recmouseclick)
Record mouse hot spot (recmousespot)
Count Down (reccountdown)
Record Sound (recaudioinput)
Save video
Saving mode (savemode)
URL for uploading video (saveurl)Take effect when it is savemode=1
Delete local file or not (dellocalfile)Take effect when it is savemode=1
Save screenshot
Screenshot saving mode (screenshotsavemode)
URL for uploading screenshot (screenshotsaveurl)Take effect when it is screenshotsavemode=1
Delete local screenshot or not (screenshotdellocalfile)Take effect when it is screenshotsavemode=1
Finish recording (completeaction)
Promote products (uishowads)
Help button (uishowhelp)
Prompt window after uploading successfully (uishowuploadcompleted)
Prompt window after uploading fails (uishowuploadfailed)
Sample code
Port descriptionUsage instruction
Take screenshotapowerScreenRecorder.takeScreenshot([format]): format is not set as jpg in default, it is only available to invoke while recording
Get screenshotapowerScreenRecorder.onscreenshot = function (base64String,imageFormat) {...}: base64String is base64 coded string of the image, dataURI statement is not included; imageFormat is the image format.
Move the recording regionapowerScreenRecorder.moveLocation(x, y): It is only available when the recording window pops up by moving the top left corner to x, y position on current windows window (tips: the non-browser window)
Callback after uploadingThe result type returned by server:
"callback_func": "api_callback",/*callback_func is required, otherwise API don't know callback which function*/
"upload_info": {/*Optional*/
"name": "20160908_220227.mp4",
"size": 5036358
Then register api_callback function in the page:
function api_callback(response_json_obj ,api_app_name){
API will invoke the registered api_callback function, and make all json will serve as the first parameter response_json_obj to pass in, the second parameter api_app_name will be passed by API automatically
Note: api_callback Name the function randomly

Start Recording
Uploading list
IDFile name(clikc to playback)SizeDurationResolutionBitrateCodecUploading date
1020180303221950.mp3176.33 KB00:05.616x2018-03-03 22:19:50
920180116095043.mp3112.74 KB00:04.623x199 kb/s2018-01-16 09:50:43
820180116092437.mp3119.18 KB00:03.787x2018-01-16 09:24:37
720180116092419.mp3119.18 KB00:03.787x2018-01-16 09:24:19
620171206081207.mp41.69 MB00:17.407960x540813 kb/sAVC2017-12-06 08:12:08
520171130070325.mp4914.31 KB00:30.647682x384244 kb/sAVC2017-11-30 07:03:25
420171130054240.mp456.9 KB00:01.324682x384352 kb/sAVC2017-11-30 05:42:40
320171130053901.mp4173.85 KB00:03.687682x384386 kb/sAVC2017-11-30 05:39:01
220171130053829.mp4109.41 KB00:02.397682x384374 kb/sAVC2017-11-30 05:38:29
120171109071538.mp41.45 MB00:04.147960x5402 932 kb/sAVC2017-11-09 07:15:38