5 best free photo recovery software 2014

5 best free photo recovery software 2014

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People love taking photos because they serve as memories of special moments, celebrations and occasions that will be remembered forever. It’s nice to look back at pictures and recall the good old days. These photos are also important to those who live far from their friends and families as they would feel that they are also there when they see them. This is why it could be nerve-wracking if you find out that your photos are lost! If you experience this situation, there’s still a chance to get your photos back using the best free photo recovery tools.

Top 5 Free Photo Recovery Software

There are various programs designed to recover missing images whether they were accidentally deleted or lost due to other reasons like reformatting of device, corruption or virus. In this article, we will go through five of the best applications that you can use for free.

Top 1: PhotoRec

Number one on our top free photo recovery software list is PhotoRec. This is an open source and multi-platform application that you can use for restoring photos from computer, memory card, flash drives and other media storage devices. Whatever the reason is for losing your images, you can recover them with this tool as long as no other files have been saved on the location of the missing pictures. Therefore, it’s recommended to saved files being recovered by this tool into another location so as to overwrite the lost files in origin location. It does not just recover missing images but lost videos and documents as well.

PhotoRec screenshot

Top 2: ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery)

The second spot on our list goes to Zero Assumption Recovery. This application has a premium version that offers more features including recovery of various file formats. It also comes with a free version that only recovers photos from supported digital cameras like Canon, Casio, Epson, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and Fujifilm. If you are just after getting back photos from your camera, this one would do. You can get this free photo recovery from z-a-recovery.com.

ZAR screenshot

Top 3: PicaJet Photo Recovery

PicaJet Photo Recovery is another choice for the best free photo recovery tool. It has a basic user interface. In fact, it only has a single window so you wouldn’t be confused with various options or different settings that other programs have. It is dedicated to getting deleted photos back that are saved on any types of memory card. However, this software also has disadvantages as it may take time to scan the files and it may not be able to recover all missing photos. This free photo recovery is available from http://download.cnet.com/PicaJet-Photo-Recovery/3000-2192_4-53997.html.

PicaJet Photo Recovery screenshot

Top 4: MjM Free Photo Recovery

Another program that you can use for recovering images is MjM Free Photo Recovery. Like PicaJet Photo Recovery, it can also recover lost photos saved on memory cards but those that are only in JPG format. So if your photos are saved in another format, the tool would not be able to find them. Furthermore, the memory card must also be recognized by the computer. If your PC cannot detect your memory card, it’s also not possible to restore your images.

MjM Free Photo Recovery screenshot

Top 5: Orion Free Photo Recovery Software

Last on our list of the best photo recovery software 2014 that you can use without a fee is Orion Free Photo Recovery Software. It comes with a wizard feature that would walk you through the steps of recovering images and files deleted from your PC or external drives. It also lets you filter your search results by name, file type or location, which could make the process faster. It gives you the option to recover specific files like pictures, videos, documents or all.

Orion Free photo Recovery screenshot

Another Powerful Photo Recovery – Data Recovery

Aside from the five free applications provided, it’s also worth considering Data Recovery. This software is worth its price for all the great and unparallel features it has. It has the wizard mode that lets you find missing files easily. Even newbies would not have problems using this. It also comes with the standard mode that offers five search options for finding missing photos and other files on your computer or other devices.


Here are the steps on how to use this tool to recover your lost photos.

  1. Launch this Data Recovery software.
  2. Choose one recovery mode from four modes – “Lost File Recovery”, “Partition Recovery”, “Raw File Recovery”, and “Resume Recovery”.
  3. Select the location that you wish to search. This is where your lost images are saved.
  4. Click “Start” to start the scan.
  5. Once the scan is done, select the images that you wish to restore and click “Recover”.


All the best free image recovery software that we have discussed can help you recover lost or deleted images without a cost. However, their reliability is not as excellent as Data Recovery. So if the lost photos are very important to you and you want to make sure that you can get all of them back, it’s recommended that you go with this powerful Data Recovery.

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