How to Film Your Screen

Screen filming or recording is one of the activities that many people are fond of doing nowadays. We basically see a lot of this video type on various video sharing sites and some social media pages. Some of the reasons why people tend to film their screen are for them to make some informative videos or tutorials, to capture an achievement in a game play, make some presentation, display, and so forth. But not all individuals can make this kind of video simply because they don’t know the process involved. But don’t worry, because I will show you the best way on how to film your screen as I go on with this post.

Best way to film your screen

Windows OS
If you are running your system under Windows, then the most easiest and convenient way for you to film your computer screen is by using a powerful, multi function, and reliable screen recorder such as the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. By using this program you will instantly get an access to the arrays on interesting features that this tool has.

Film your computer screen in full screen

The first way to film your screen using this recorder is by recording the whole screen. By using this option you can freely capture any activities that you do on your computer screen. This kind of recording is perfect for doing informative videos, filming a game play and creating a sort of presentation, or by recording a video chat with a love one. Just click the downward arrow located beside the Record button and you’re all set.

film your screen in full size

Film prat of your computer screen

On the other hand, if you want to record just a certain part of the screen such a video, then you can focus your filming on that certain part by choosing Region under Record menu. This method will provide more emphasis on a certain part of the screen and will let the viewers focus on that part only. Moreover, this way can be great in making a tutorials and demonstration. It is also prefect in online video and movie grabbing. Moreover, to add twist in your recording you can also include your own recording from your webcam, just hit the Webcam function where you can talk act as the video goes on.

film part of screen

Film your webcam

Some individuals like to make discussion, argument, tutorial videos using their actual recording from their webcam. In this case you can make use of the other function that Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder has to offer, unlike other recorder this tool has enable its users to record their own webcam videos and even put some text, image, effects, while the recording goes on. With this function in its arsenal, this screen recording tool is certainly a high end one.

film your webcam

Mac OS
Furthermore, if you are a Mac OS user then here is a big break for you, for this wonderful recording tool which is the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder has extended its service not only to Windows users but with Mac OS users as well. Imagine this excellent recorder working on your Mac PC all of its features in a powerful OS, it could be a perfect combination to have.

To film your pc screen is not a hard task to accomplish if you know the right method and the proper recording tool that can be utilize. You can find a lot of screen recorder online for sure, but don’t take the risk in using this program for it may just waste your time and will just infect your system with destructive computer viruses and malwares. Instead use only a proven reliable recorder such as the Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder. And you surely can’t go wrong with it.

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